The Most Embarrassing Moments

On Friday, I attended the Jubilee Professional conference. Saleem Ghubril, Executive Director of the Pittsburgh Promise, was the conferences final speaker. He was incredible.

He told a story about a time he was sitting in a room with some award-winning artists. One of the children in the room asked the artists to share their most embarrassing moments. Two of the artists shared about times that they were on stage and lost their voices.

The third artist said, “I’ve had plenty of moments like the other two, but for me, the most embarrassing moments are when I get on stage and I forget why.”

Saleem then challenged the audience by saying, “Don’t forget why you are on stage.”


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For me, this was a simple and yet challenging reminder that I am simply a steward of the influence that God has allowed me to have. Whatever “stage” I have been given, it is to be used to honor and glorify God and to build His Kingdom. That is why I am on stage. If I ever forget that, I will either make my “stage” all about me or not give the “stage” everything I’ve got.

Whatever stage God has given you in life, remember that it is a privilege, an honor, and a sacred responsibility.

Never take the platform you have been given for granted and don’t forget why you’re on stage. 


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