The Best Encouragement that I've Ever Received

How do you know someone needs encouragement? They are breathing. Encouragement has played a very significant role in my life. In fact, I would argue that encouragement plays a big role in all of our lives. The purpose of today’s post is to cause you to be grateful for the encouragement you’ve received in your life up to this point and to challenge you to become a constant source of encouragement for others.

I’ve found that encouragement does the following:

  • Encouragement Gives You Hope for the Future – Everyone who has encouraged me enabled me to have a hope for the future that I didn’t have before.
  • Encouragement Helps You Get a Bigger Vision for Your Life – Every time my vision has grown, it’s been a result of others encouraging me to dream bigger.
  • Encouragement Enables you to do what You Previously Thought was Impossible – Not only does encouragement cause you to dream bigger, but it also gives you the courage to pursue those dreams.
  • Encouragement Gets You Through Tough Times – In some of the toughest seasons of my life, it was one or two people’s encouraging words that helped me get through. I’m so grateful people were willing to encourage me when I was running low on hope.
  • Encouragement Helps You Know You’re Not Alone – Nothing will impact your life more than knowing that you are not alone and that others are with you.

Here are some words of encouragement that people have given me throughout various stages of my life. Each of these statements had a huge impact on me:

  • “Out of all of our friends, I hope your dreams come true the most.” -Mena Louies
  • “You’re a leader and people follow you, you can either use that influence for good or for bad, that’s up to you, I encourage you to use it for good.” -Walt Siminski (High School Principle)
  • “If you could fast forward your life ten years and see where you’ll be with the decisions you’re making compared to where some of your peers will be with the decisions they’re making, this wouldn’t be such a tough season after all.” -Gary Grassgingar
  • “You’re a leader.” -Pastor Larry Bettencourt
  • “You can do this. (talking about opportunities he gave me that I didn’t think I was capable of)” -Pastor Larry Bettencourt
  • “Dream big and go for it!” -Mike Steidel
  • “You will finish college!” -Mike Steidel
  • “When are you going to write a book? Not as Bubba, but as Dr. Douglas Smith?” -Pastor Craig Debower
  • “God’s bigger than _______” -Mike Steidel
  • “I only want one person . . . Bubba” -Pastor Larry Bettencourt
  • “You’ve become the man you’ve been trying to become.” -Mike Steidel (My father-in-law)
  • “I’m so honored to be your wife. You’re an incredible man. I’ll always be with you!” -Laura Smith

This is just a small sampling of encouraging words that have impacted me. In the moment, none of these people had any idea what the impact of one simple word of encouragement would do to me, and yet, I’m still talking about their encouragement years later. I’m so grateful that each of these people took time to intentionally encourage me. I hope that I’m able to do the same for others.

I want to challenge you to be an encourager today. Be someone who is a constant source of encouragement to others. Tell people what you love about them, tell people what they are gifted at, tell people what they are capable of, tell people that they can get through whatever they’re going through. You never know what one word of encouragement can do in someone’s life. It just may be the exact thing they need to hear to go to the next level!

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  • What words of encouragement have you received that changed your life? Comment below!

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