Entreleadership 1-Day Recap

Yesterday, Laura and I had the privilege of attending Dave Ramsey’s Entreleadership 1-Day event. It was one of the best leadership events we have ever attended. If you are unfamiliar with Dave’s work around Entreleadership, I would encourage you to get his book and listen to the Entreleadership podcast. They have some incredible content that will take your leadership to another level.

I’ve included some of my key takeaways from each session below. Enjoy!



Session 1: Introduction by Dave Ramsey

  • Watch how people handle their kids… That is how people are going to lead!
  • You can have an MBA and be stupid!
  • If you will just lead, you will be amazed when you look at the quality of the people to the right and the left of you!

Session 2: Christy Wright 

  • As a leader – you lead and teach others by how you live your life!
  • The finish line in your business will always move!
  • You can’t do it all!
  • Your time, money, and energy are finite! You will always have to make choices!
  • Stress and anxiety are caused when there is a disconnect between our values and our behavior!
  • We know what matters; we just don’t live like it does!
  • Life balance is simply living from your values!
  • The more successful you become, the less accessible you become! You will have to work hard to fight for the margin in your life to make your values a priority!
  • Learn to say no to the good so you can say yes to the best!
  • Stop doing what doesn’t matter!
  • Use your values to create qualifiers for decision-making!
  • Schedule on and off times for after work hours!
  • Never allow information into your mind when you don’t want to give it your attention or actions!
  • It’s your life… You don’t just have the right to say no to things, you have the responsibility!
  • Boundaries provide freedom to focus on what you care about most!
  • No is a complete sentence!
  • If you don’t protect what matters to you, no one else will!
  • Boundaries are not about saying no. They are about saying yes to what’s important to you!
  • Boundaries help you upset the right people!
  • Leadership isn’t a position, it’s a lifestyle!
  • The leaders we admire most are not just the best business leaders, they are simply great men and great women!
Dave Ramsey:
  • Focus intensity over time multiplied by God equals unstoppable momentum!

Session 3: Chris Hogan on using the DISC Profile

  •  Taking it Personally – knowing your team starts with knowing personality styles!
  • As a leader, you will have to step away from your comfort zone to learn how to communicate with all the different personalities on your team!
  • There is an immature and a mature level to each personality!
  • When communicating to your team, answer these questions for everyone: When, who, why, how?
  • Leadership means that you go first!
  • You need to lead in the workplace, but you also need to lead at home!
  • Unified people get things done!

Question and Answer Session:

  • Your kids are not the center of the universe… They need to know that!
  • There is no such thing as balance! There will be seasons of your life when you are out of balance!
  • The best thing we can do for our kids is being an examples of hard work and sacrifice!
  • When you are there, be there!
  • Spending time in the prescience of your kid is not the same ting as spending time with your kids!
  • Fatigue makes cowards of us all!
  • Do the right thing… Even when it hurts
  • You can’t motivate people, you hire motivated people and direct them at things!
  • Principles don’t change, but processes do!
  • You can talk about leading, or you can lead!

Session 4: Dave Ramsey

  • A championship team is no accident!
  • People Matter – Treat other people like you would want to be treated!
  • Have a culture that treats people like they matter!
    1. Competitors are people, don’t destroy them to win!
  • Team and. Culture of Excellent Matters!
  • Great organizations create unity intentionally!
  • When you get your team unified… There is no limit to what can happen!
  • 5 Main Enemies of a Unity:
    • Poor Communication will Destroy Unity
    • Gossip
    • Unresolved Disagreements
    • Lack of Shared purpose!
    • Sanctioned incompetence if you put up with people not doing their jobs, other people won’t do their jobs!
  • Proper hiring creates a good team and a good team lowers turnover!
  • We want to help hurting people, but we don’t want to hire them!
  • Pray for God to send you who he warts to work with you!
  • As part of the hiring process, include a spousal interview and a personal budget from the candidate.
  • See people’s personal budget… If you can’t pay people what they need to survive, they will be miserable and it will be your fault!
  • Team members have to perform or they have to leave!
  • Team members fail due to:
    • 1.) Leadership Failure – bad hires, processes, support, resources, etc.
    • 2.) Personal Problems – porn, alcohol, drugs, – give grace and mercy but eventually three need to heal turn the corner and do like me thing
    • 3.) incompetent – we are all competent in areas, it’s not evil, – win them or let them go! Some people are not trainable!
  • Great organizations are fanatically intentional about communication, recognition,hiring, compensation, and delegation!
  • Slow and steady matters! Be the tortoise and not the hare, slow and steady wins in business!
  • Don’t outgrow your ability…twenty years from now you will be an overnight success!
  • 10% of your ideas will succeed…. 90% will fail!
  • Act your wage!
  • God is pleased when you are preoccupied with the needs of others!
  • You can win at business without losing your soul!
  • As a leader, passivity is not an option. You must make decisions to succeed!
  • Your business, ideas, and teams will be paralyzed by an indecisive leader!
  • Indecision is caused by one thing: fear!
  • Criticism comes with the territory of being a leader
  • Don’t try to win over your haters!
  • Options create security and confidence and eliminate fear. If you only have 1 option…. Your trapped!
  • The bigger your decision, the more information is needed! Information always wins! Whoever has the most information, wins! Information brings the right answer to the top!
  • Train your team to bring you several possible solutions, not just problems!
  • Ask your spouse about all big decisions!
  • Making decision will set you free! Anxiety is a result of being indecisive!
  • Evil can’t be negotiated with, it must be defeated!
  • Don’t you dare quit!

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