Learning to Lead Podcast: My Year-End Review Process

Do you have a process to review your year? If you don’t, I would encourage you to start one. John Maxwell says that, “Experience isn’t the best teacher, evaluated experience is.”  Just because another year has passed, doesn’t mean you’ve grown. It’s what you do with your life experience that matters.

I’ve been doing a year-end review for the last six years. Every year, during the last week of the year, I set aside time to review and reflect on my year. Then I spend time planning out the next year. It’s been such a beneficial exercise for me that  I recently recorded a podcast that outlines my year-end review process, hoping that it will encourage others to do the same.

As you listen to the podcast, don’t think that my process has to be your process. The important thing is that you have a process to review. If you have a year-end review process, I would love to hear about it. I am always looking for ways to improve mine. If you have any suggestions, please e-mail me. Don’t let 2012 pass without taking time to evaluate how you spent it.

Notes from Podcast

“Experience isn’t the best teacher, Evaluated Experience is.” -John Maxwell

Blog Posts on the Subject:

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“My Journal Review”

   * Daily Highlights
   * Memories
   * God
   * Daily Entries
   * Scriptures
   * Blessings
   * Prayer

Review My:

*My Bucket List – What did I cross off? What do I want to cross off?
* My Life Plan –  Michael Hyatt’s Book
* 2012 Goals
   * Mentors
   * Mentees
   * My Current Growth Plan
   * My Future Growth Plan

“Year End Report”

  * How I Spent my Time
   * Highlights
   * Low Lights
   * Themes throughout the year
   * Biggest Nuggets Learned
   * Books Read 
   * Blessings
   * Accomplishments
   * Best Restaurants
   * New Artists I like
   * Best Movies
   * Places Traveled To
   * Major Events Attended/Places Gone To
   * People I met
   * Speaking Engagements
   * Bucket List Items Complete
   * Areas I grew in
   * 3 Most Influential People in my Life
   * Things I need to Stop Doing
   * Things I need to Start Doing
   * Memories
   * Scriptures
   * Finances

Practices to End the Year With

1.) Letters to the 3 – I write letters to the 3 most influential people in my life that year, schedule time with them, give them the letter.
2.) Calls to Many – Call those you appreciate and impacted your life, let them know it.
3.) Spouse – New tradition – Write down all the memories we had that year – go out to dinner – celebrate
4.) Family New Years – Go around the table and share what was awesome about each person’s 2012!

Questions You Can Ask Yourself:

* How was your 2011?
* Did you have goals that you wanted to accomplish this year?
* Did you accomplish them?
* If not, why?
* What could have you done better in 2011?
* What were the highlights of the year? What were the low-lights?
* What were the biggest lessons you learned?
* Who helped change your life this year through their influence?
* What did God teach you?
* Who did you meet this year that you’re glad you met with?
* What do you need to repent about?
* Who do you need to forgive?
* Who do you need to call or meet with and thank?
* Where did you waste the most time?
* Where was your time well spent?

Next Podcast: Starting Your New Year Off Right – How I take what I learned about 2012 and carry it over to 2013!

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  1. This is great! I do my own process but I’m definitely going to incorporate some of these things. Thanks so much for sharing Doug!

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