Learning to Lead Episode 24: Interview with Darrin Grove, CEO of TrueFit


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Darrin’s Bio:

Darrin Grove, TrueFit’s Founder and CEO, is a native Pittsburgher with a passion for innovation, technology, and values-based leadership. Leveraging leadership and technology experience honed as the former head of IT for a recognized leader in manufacturing technologies, and recognizing the legacy of innovation in the Pittsburgh region, Darrin and his team made a commitment to establish and maintain headquarters in the region, even as TrueFit added clients nationally, and internationally.

Darrin founded TrueFit on the core values of being principled, collaborative, empowering, and serving the common good. In his capacity as CEO, Darrin champions these core values and applies them to each and every client and team member engagement.

Innovation and entrepreneurial spirit guide Darrin, and his leadership instills a “start-up” mentality throughout the organization. He leads the proprietary Idea Launch™ process, ensuring that innovation begins with collaboration and works closely with TrueFit clients to involve a broad cross-section of stakeholders, company leadership, end users, and subject matter experts to bring game-changing new technology products to market.

Under Darrin’s leadership, TrueFit has carved out a noteworthy role as a collaborative partner to organizations and entities dedicated to building new ideas, products, and start-ups in Pittsburgh and around the country.

Darrin is an active member of BlueTree Allied Angels and serves as an advisor at AlphaLab, Pittsburgh’s start-up accelerator, which helps promote growth of innovative start-ups. He also serves on several non-profit boards throughout the community.


  • Tell us about your life, your business, and your family.
  • Do you consider yourself a born leader or a learned leader? Entrepreneur?
  • How can young leaders get mentored by high level leaders?
  • What books have impacted your life that you would encourage us to read?
  • What do you do to continue to grow?
  • What skills have you had to learn that are not natural for you, but were required to take your organization to the next level?
  • Should we always focus on developing our strengths?
  • How do faith and work coincide in your life?
  • What advice do you have for someone who has an idea for business?
  • What separates people that have ideas from people who actually turn those ideas into thriving businesses?
  • What is TrueFit doing today? What is coming up?
  • Talk about how church planting and entrepreneurship work together.
  • What do you want your legacy to be?
  • Any closing advice for young leaders?

Links to Resources: 

Willowcreek Leadership Summit 

Good to Great (affiliate link)

Built to Last (affiliate link)

The Lean Start-Up  (affiliate link)

To Sell is Human (affiliate link)

Creation Regained (affiliate link)

Some of my Key Takeaways: 

  • Leadership is learned – apprentice under great leaders
  • Hang out with other leaders and compare notes
  • Most leaders have been blessed by having mentors and want to give back – ask them!
  • Go where leadership is happening
  • You’re never too young to invest in others
  • Stop operating out of fear!
  • Live out of courage! Press the envelope!
  • Ideas: Do they create value?
  • Don’t ask “can it be built” – ask “should it be built”
  • Start small – put a product out, validate it
  • The future is here, it’s just not evenly distributed
  • Predict the future by paying attention
  • Ask: What do I need to learn in my role right now?
  • Jobs demand other things than our strengths sometimes
  • We were all created for universal flourishing
  • Just follow God and what He’s telling you to do right now
  • Show up expecting to contribute

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