#031: Making the Most of Mentoring [Podcast]


Making the Most of Mentors 

Mentors help you go further, faster!

Where to Find Mentors: 

Getting Mentored by the Masters 


Referrals – Once you meet with someone, you should always ask if they know anyone else they should meet.

Before You Meet with Potential Mentors: 

  •   Make sure you are on a personal growth plan

How to get an appointment with potential Mentors: 

  •   Don’t Be Afraid to Ask.
  •   Come up with a plan to ask them!
  •   Figure out a way to add value to them
  •   Show them you will be prepared
  •   Ask!

Preparing for Your Meeting: 

  • Study the potential mentor you will be meeting with
  • Have a basic list of questions you’d like to ask every mentor
  • Adapt the questions to specifically address things you want to ask this person based on their experience
  • Figure out what they love and get it for them
  • E-mail/Call them the week of your meeting to confirm and make sure they have your cell phone number in case anything changes

During Your Meeting:

  •    Be early!
  •    Shake their hand, keep eye contact
  •    Ask about their personal life
  •    Bring a notebook and take notes!

What Mentors Expect Out of You:

Two questions mentors will always ask about meeting with you:

  • Do you value it?
  • Will you do something with it?

After Your Meeting

Evaluate Your Meeting: 

  •   Was it as good as you thought it’d be? Worse? Better?
  •   Decide if you’d like to meet with them again. 

Follow-up with Your Mentors: 

  •  Write a Thank You card
  •  Thank them for their time
  •   Write down what your key takeaways were
  •   Give them a gift if you haven’t already

Create an Action Plan: 

  •    Make a to-do list of everything they told you to do
  •    DO IT

Ask for Another Meeting

Final Thoughts on Mentors:

  •    Mentors will always take your further faster
  •    Some mentors will be in your life for long periods of your life, others for short periods. Be ok with that.
  •    Always be grateful if someone is willing to meet with you. Not everyone gets opportunities like that.
  •    Honor Your Mentors

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