Episode #46: Melanie Mitro on Leadership [Podcast]

 Episode #46: Melanie Mitro on Leadership

This episode comes from our Learning to Lead Breakfast series. Our October 2014 speaker was Melanie Mitro. Melanie shared her story and the leadership lessons she learned on her way to becoming the #1 Beachbody coach in the country. Everyone who attended the breakfast learned so much. I hope it adds as much value to your life as it did to mine! Below you will find Melanie’s bio, ways to connect with her, some of my key takeaways, and upcoming announcements for Learning to Lead.

Our next breakfast will be Saturday, November 15th at 8 a.m. at Bistro to Go on the North Side of Pittsburgh. Our speaker will be Greg Peaslee, who is an Executive at UPMC. You can register for this event here.


Laura and I finally got to meet Melanie Mitro, she is a great leader doing incredible things with her life!

Melanie’s Bio:

Melanie has her undergraduate degree in Psychology, a Masters In Special Education. She was the director of Early Intervention before having kids. She started coaching for Beachbody in July of 2011. She is currently a 15 Star Diamond Coach, 2x Elite Coach. Last year she was #2 in the company and this year she is the #1 coach in the company out of 220,000 coaches. She is a success club 10 all star and first and foremost a mom to my two boys Landon and Bryce and Wife to Matt. They live in Mars, PA.


Our breakfast meeting with Melanie Mitro!

Some of My Key Takeaways: 

  • Put yourself in places where you have to earn respect!
  • Book: The Slight Edge
  • Book: Eat that Frog
  • Book: Personality Plus
  • Everyday you have a choice to do things or not do things. The things you’re choosing to do, are all small and easy tasks that no one will notice. However, if you’ll do them, they will have a compounding effect. The people that do them, they go up! The people they don’t, they go down!
  • Do what other people will not do now, so you can have what other people don’t have later!
  • Don’t care about the outcome, care about the people!
  • In the end it’s not about the money, and it never should be about the money.
  • How are you benchmarking your success? What goals are you setting? How many people are you helping? What are you doing to create credibility?
  • When you’re a leader. In the beginning, you’re going to do a lot our of a little
  • Will you sacrifice 3 years of your life to accomplish what you would like to accomplish?
  • When you’re comfortable, it’s time to challenge yourself! You need a little bit of chaos!
  • Main focus: Develop systems for success!
  • It all comes down to confidence in you our ability to lead people!


1.) Learning to Lead November  BreakfastOur next breakfast will be Saturday, November 15th at 8 a.m. at Bistro to Go on the  North Side. Our speaker will be Greg Peaslee More details coming soon! For more information, go to dougsmithlive.com/breakfasts.

2.) Learning to Lead Small Group –  Our small group started last week. If you’re in Pittsburgh and would like more information about joining our small group, e-mail me at dougsmithlive@gmail.com.

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