Episode #51: Smart Money with Rachel Cruze

In this podcast, I interview New York Times Best-Selling author, Rachel Cruze. I heard Rachel speak at a Dave Ramsey event in September. She was incredible. I read her book, Smart Money, Smart Kids and it changed the way Laura and I do things financially. If you have a family, plan to have one someday, or care about your financial future at all, you need to read this book and listen to this podcast!

You can find Rachel’s bio, the questions that I asked, and ways to connect with her below in the show notes. I know that this interview will add value to your life! Enjoy!

Episode #51: Rachel Cruze



Rachel Cruze grew up learning how to win with money. As Dave Ramsey’s daughter, she was taught from an early age how to give generously, spend wisely, and save for the future. She understands the dangers of debt, and she’s seen firsthand the damage it can do. Now Rachel has a passion to help others learn the same principles, and she’s traveling the country doing just that.

Rachel is a personable and engaging speaker who’s spoken at live events, major conferences and professional organizations, showing people how to take control of their money and avoid big money mistakes. Her message is simple: Handle your money with wisdom.

Rachel says; “I feel very strongly about reaching people who need this message,” she says. And she’s excited that her passions and strengths are being used to spread hope. “I am so happy I can use the platform my dad has built to reach even more people.”

Rachel has a B.A. in Communication Studies from the University of Tennessee. She lives with her husband, Winston, in Franklin, Tennessee.

Connect with Rachel:


  • Tell us about yourself, your family, your passions…
  • What’s one thing about Rachel Cruz that people would be surprised to know?
  • Give us an overview of your book, Smart Money, Smart Kids

Work Ethic:

  • Tell us about the value of work . . . How did you learn to work hard and why was that important?
  • In the book, I loved when you said, “One of the best things about teaching a child the value of work is that she will end to lose respect for people who refuse to work!” Talk to single ladies and guys…
  • Can you talk about work life balance? In the Entreleadership class, your dad talked about having to be on the go for 40 days when a book would come out and he would tell the kids that he’d be gone for a long time, but when he got back, they’d go to Disney, etc. . . How did your dad’s hard work ethic impact your family? What advice do you have on work/life balance?
  • You opened your own business when you were a teenager -> in your opinion, is entrepreneurism a gift that some people and have and other don’t or is it something that can be learned?


  • You’re naturally a spender or a free spirit, how did you learn to deal with that impulse in a responsible manner? What advice would you give to other free spirits who struggle with that?
  • Going to college debt free – how can you do that?
  • Credit Card Debt – I pay mine off every month. That was me – Tell me why I was making the wrong decision. You changed my mind in the book!
  • What’s your best advice on buying a house? When are you ready to buy a house?


  • Can you tell the story of how your parents taught you to make good decisions? It was incredible and I plan on using that with my kids one day!

Writing/Producing Content

  • For those of us who want to become authors and producers of content what advice do you have?
  • What disciplines have you implemented in your life that have been necessary for you to become an author?
  • What have you done to intentionally grow as a writer?


  • What advice would you give to people who want to be speakers?
  • What have you done and what does the Dave Ramsey team do to intentionally grow their speakers?

Closing Questions:

  • What do you want your legacy to be?
  • How can we help serve you and what you’re doing?

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  1. Keith, the girls and I listened to the Rachel Cruz interview just now- great way to start the year!!! We too are passionate about folks teaching their kids about the dangers of debt- and believing that college loans are the only way…… Not! Thank you for taking the time to connect with her- the Ramsey family rocks! Do do you!

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