Every Dream has a Price

This is an excerpt from a video teaching by John Maxwell that I watch on a consistent basis to remind me that the bigger I dream, the bigger the price I’ll have to pay to make my dreams happen. I hope it encourages you and challenges you to give up to go up!

“The problem is never having the dream. That’s why I’m never impressed when people say, “Well, I have a dream” So does everyone, you go to sleep and you get one. I’m really not impressed with your dream. “Well, I’ve written out my goals.” That’s wonderful. That means you had a little time and a legal pad and a computer.

What really impresses me is not your dream. What really impresses me is when you show me how you’re going to pay for it. What really impresses me is how you are going to get there. You start telling me the price you’re going to pay, the hours you’re going to give up, the relationships you won’t have, the money you will spend, the time, energy, and effort.

Everything has a price. The bigger the dream, the higher the payment. Small dreams, small prices. Big dream, big prices… Any person that got to the top, paid a price to get there. The higher you go, the greater the price. The price isn’t much at the bottom.

When people start off in life and say, “I gave up everything.” I say, big deal, you had nothing. That means you gave up a coffee table and an old tv. I’m never impressed with people who give up in the beginning, because they didn’t have much to give up.

What really impresses me is when you have something and you give it up. I am impressed by what you willingly give up, to go to another level” John C. Maxwell

What are some of your dreams?
What are some of the things you’re going to have to give up to make them happen?





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