Fall Highlights

Fall is just about to an end and just like the summer – it seemed like I blinked and it was over! I want life to slow down!!! Anyway, here were some of the highlights of my fall:

Seeing Wicked
This is one of the best plays I’ve ever seen! I can’t wait until it comes back around to see it again!

Fear Factor –
This 4-week competition was awesome – there was nothing like seeing two girls in the finals eating Madagascar Hissing Cock Roaches!

Having Pastor Nathan Come on Board – After a year and a half search, we finally hired a new youth pastor! It’s been 3 months and Rev is going places – fast! It’s been a blessing getting to sit under Pastor Nathan’s leadership!

Rev’s “Going all the Way Series” – Our October series was awesome. Denny Pattyn came in and had a great message. My favorite part was the Wed/Weekend ? and A sessions we had. We had tons of questions asked of us on sex, dating, and the single life. It was awesome to see teenagers want to do these things God’s way!

19 North Doubling – Zack and Lauren have been leading 19 North for almost 2 years now! Since this time last year, 19 North has doubled in attendance! It’s so awesome seeing lives changed every week!

The Chicago Marathon w/PL – I ran my first marathon in 4:25:11! What an awesome journey it was with my friend/mentor Pastor Larry. If you’re interested in running Pittsburgh on May 3rd, 2009 – let me know!
Moving Out – I finally moved out of my house!!! I’m now living in Cranberry with two awesome roommates! I’m loving it!

My Trip to Atlanta for The Cadre
This trip changed my life – Check out this post to see some of the things I’ve learned.

Light-up Night- One of my favorite nights in the Burgh! It was great hanging with a bunch of friends downtown!

Thanksgiving – I loved Thanksgiving! It was an awesome one this year!!!

Finishing School – Glory to God!! As of next Friday – I’ll be a college grad! I’m going to go nuts!

What were some of your Fall highlights?