Follow the Pacer

Yesterday I posted some of the keys to me reaching my marathon goal. One of my keys was following the 3:50 pacer/pace group. In all 3 of the marathons I have run before this one, I had never followed a pace group before. After doing it this time, I’ll never run another marathon without following them. 

I decided to go with a pace group that was 10 minutes faster than what my goal was, in case I slowed down in the last 5 miles. As I was following the pacer, I was thinking how grateful I was that someone was willing to run for the sole purpose of helping me meet my goal! The pacer’s job was to encourage, motivate, and push our group to do our very best and to meet our goal.

Henry Cloud says that, “Where your maturity isn’t good enough to sustain you, bring in an external force.”

For me, the pacer and the pace group were that external force, along with Laura and Lindsay running the last 5 miles with me.

Had I not followed the pacer and had the girls run those last few miles with me, I am convinced that I would not have reached my goal. It kept me focused, motivated, and determined throughout the whole race.

Following the pacer and having the girls run with me was a great reminder that I need external forces (coaches) in every area of my life. People who have been where I want to go and that are willing to help get me there. People that are willing to make me better!

Following the pacer reminded me that I need coaches in all areas of my life.

Such as:

  • My life (God is my external force!)
  • Finances
  • Relationships – Family
  • Running
  • Nutrition
  • Ministry
  • Volunteer Coordinating
  • Writing
  • Speaking
  • Career

This marathon reminded me that we will never be good enough on our own to become the best we can be in any area of our lives. We will always be in need of external forces to take us to another level. It’s why the greatest athletes on the planet have coaches. We all need people who push us past our own limits and help us reach our full potential.

What areas of your life need an external force (coaching) to help you become your best?

Who are people in those areas of your life that you look up to that could help coach you and be an external force?



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