Get Around People that Scare You

I’ve always loved getting mentored. There are few things I enjoy more than surrounding myself with great people that can pour into my life. A few years ago, my friend Zack Blair, put it this way, “Get around people that scare you.” I’ve endeavored to do that ever since.

Then I watched this video by Tom Peters on never wasting a lunch. It intrigued me! I recognized, I need to meet with as many brilliant people as I can. I need to learn how they got to where they are, and find out how I can implement what they implemented in their lives to become successful.

When I ask these men out to lunch or coffee and I’m finally in front of them, inside, I feel what I would imagine I would feel like sitting across a table from Donald Trump. I’m a nervous wreck! I start thinking, “Why is this person willing to meet with me? What do I have to offer? I’m going to look like an idiot….”

What I have found is that successful people are actually thrilled that someone would seek out their wisdom! They love to be able to share it with others. In fact, if you ask them how many people have sought out their advice, 9 out of 10 will tell you, no one.

Even though I have fear going into the meeting, after I meet with them, I feel like I can conquer the universe!

I would highly recommend contacting people who are so successful they scare you and asking them out to lunch. Here are some things I do to prepare before I meet with someone:

  • I always prepare a list of questions ahead of time and send them to them
  • I always pay (or at least try to) for lunch.
  • I always send a thank you note that includes what I learned from the meeting.
  • If I eventually do something they’ve told me to do and it helps me, I’ll send them another one telling them about my success.

Getting around people that scare you could be one of the most beneficial things you ever do. I know it has been for me. So…

Who intimidates you because of their success? I dare you to call them now and ask them out!

Here are some questions I’ve been asking:

  • What are the habits you have developed that contribute most to where you are today?
  • How do you think/act differently now compared to when you first began your career?
  • What had to change in you (or your routines) in order to get to where you are?
  • Do you have a specific, consistent routine for your days? If so, what is it?
  • How do you plan and evaluate your days/weeks/months/year so they are used most effectively?
  • If I were a new employee working for you, what would you tell me that I need to do in order to be successful?
  • What advice do you have when it comes to networking with business men?
  • I’m naturally co-dependent and a people pleaser. How do you balance candor and care when you’re dealing with people in the business world?
  • If I were your son, what advice would you give me about handling my finances? What can I do at my age to ensure financial independence long term?
  • Do you invest? If so, what in? With who? Etc.?
  • What investing advice would you give me?
  • How do you and your wife deal with finances together?
  • What advice do you have when looking for and buying a first home?


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