What Your Gift Will Do For You

A man’s gift makes room for him and brings him before great men. -Proverbs 18:16

Up to this point we’ve learned that you have a gift, you can discover your gift, you can develop your gift, to not waste your gift, and to not compare your gift with others. Today I want to focus on what your gift will do for you!


Your Gift Will Make You Stand Out – your gift is what makes you, you! It’s what makes you stand out from everyone else! There is nobody like you on the entire planet! Stop trying to be like everyone else.

Your Gift Will Bring You Before Great People – Think American Idol. Those who are truly gifted, get to be in front of people who can turn their dream into a career. Just like the singers on American Idol, your gift will bring you in front of the right people, if you’re focusing on developing and using your gift. It may not happen overnight, but you’ll be surprised who you get to be around and what you get to be a part of when you’re using the gifts God’s put in you!

Your Gift is what God will Use to Change the World – If God’s given you the ability to speak, speak to change the world! If it’s singing, sing to change the world! If it’s business, do business to change the world! Your gift is what God will use to give you influence in the lives of other.

Using Your Gift Will Make You Happy – Your gift isn’t just something you’re good at. You can be good at something and hate it! Your gift is something that you’re good at and it is something that will energize you.

Your Gift will Glorify God – The only reason we have gifts is to glorify God with them. Anything we have, we have because of Him. Anything we have, should be used to glorify Him.

When your gift makes you stand out, get promoted, brings you before great people, fulfills you, and enables you to change the world, don’t forget the One who gave you the gift. Use your gift and platform to point people to God. It’s why we exist!


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