How to Discover Gifts You Didn't Even Know You Had

“His master replied, ‘Good job! You’re a good and faithful servant! You proved that you could be trusted with a small amount. I will put you in charge of a large amount. Come and share your master’s happiness.” -Matthew 25:23 
A subject that has been on my heart lately is faithfulness. Whenever I see someone who is successful or greatly used by God, I always try to find out what makes them successful. I can say that almost without exception, people who are doing great things for God have a habit of being faithful with what they have right where they are.
Jesus said if you’re faithful with a little, that He will give you more to be faithful with.
When I was 18, I was interning at my church. My only responsibilities were to clean water pitchers and to set-up and tear down for youth group. I was frustrated. I felt that everyone else got “cool” jobs and I was stuck doing something that made no difference.
After a year of being faithful with cleaning pitchers, my mentor asked me to speak during the offering at youth group. It was awful. I hated public speaking, I hated going in front of people, and it was the worst offering ever! I didn’t even use scripture . . .I used lyrics from the song “My Girl!”
However, my mentor kept asking me to do offerings. I started to enjoy speaking in front of others. People would tell me that I was good at it.  I had discovered a gift that God gave me that I did not know I had! As I was faithful giving offerings, doors started opening to speak more often.
Would I have discovered I had a gift to speak if I hadn’t been faithful with washing pitchers? Probably not. As I was faithful with offerings and the other responsibilities I gained, I recognized more and more gifts inside of me.
I am convinced that there are gifts from God inside of us that we don’t even know exist yet, and the only way we’ll discover those gifts is being faithful with what God has given us right now.
Being faithful with the gifts you’re using now is the key to uncovering other gifts God has given you. However, if God can’t trust you with what you already have, how and why should He trust you with more?
Be faithful with what’s in front of you. It’s the key to unlocking gifts you never knew you had!
Have you ever had this happen to you? What gifts have you discovered you had that you had no idea were in you? Comment below!
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