My Highlights from the Global Leadership Summit

A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to attend the first day of the Global Leadership Summit. This is by far one of my favorite events to attend each year. It was a phenomenal day! I thought I would share my key highlights from each talk with you here on the blog.



Session 1: Bill Hybels – The Courage that Leadership Requires

  • Be strong and courageous.
  • Without God, leadership is no sustainable in the long-term
  • Vision = a picture of the future that created passion in people
  • Every vision tests the metal of every leader
  • God has sent extremely cool visions to people all over the planet only to have those visions snuffed out due to fear
  • Courage begins when you admit reality
  • Your whole team knows what reality is, they are waiting for you to lead!
  • You need to have the courage to build a fantastic/healthy culture!
  • People join organizations, they leave managers
  • Staff cultures will only be as healthy as the Sr. Pastor or CEO wants it to be
  • Categories of staff: Culture builders or culture killers. Period. Don’t pay people to bruise or bust your culture!
  • You have no idea the performance differential of a healthy staff!
  • If you’re not willing to evaluate where you are, you’re a coward
  • Some of the most rewarding experiences in the leadership race are reserved for the end
  • Do not bail on your mission, no matter how hard it gets!

Session 2 – Colin Powell 

  • Leadership = getting more out of people than science tells you you can!
  • Leaders inspire people to reach beyond themselves
  • Focus on the followers. Followers get stuff done! Give them a sense of purpose.
  • There is no such thing as an unimportant person in your organization.
  • Leadership is all about follwership.
  • Failure is always an option!
  • Our job is always to take care of the opportunity before us.
  • Perpetual optimism is a force multiplies
  • If people stop bringing you problems, they either don’t think you’ll do anything or think that you don’t care. You’re in trouble.
  • Ego is the worst trait of upcoming leaders.
  • Promote based on potential, not past performance. Ask: How will this person do at the next level?
  • We’re the product of the best and worst experiences we have had and people we know.
  • Tell me early!
  • To Pastors: Make the Bible relevant to today. I want to respond to challenges. Challenge people or else they will leave.

Session 3: Patrick Lencioni – How to Lose Your Best People

  • Anonymity – People we work for don’t know us, care about us, or know us.
  • Nobody wants to be anonymouse.
  • Irrelevancy – Everyone needs to know what they are doing is relevant.
  • Immeasurement – Everyone needs to know how they are doing.

Session 4: Liz Wiseman – Multipliers

  • Liz’s talk was based on her book: Multipliers. She discussed the differences between diminishers and multipliers. We have all worked for one or the other. People will work 100x harder for a multiplier than they will a diminisher. I encourage you to buy and read her book.

Session 5: Chris Brown 

  • Leadership is not about you
  • Out-serve your team
  • Personality driven is fine, but succession needs to happen. Are we building the next generation after us? What happens once the personality leaves?
  • Why are young leaders leaving your church? Probably because you’re there and not developing them! You need to develop them!
  • Do you have room for a Joseph or a David in your chariot? Even when they are better than you or take your glory? Do you expand the Kingdom or your kingdom?

Session 6: Bob Goff – Love Does 

  • Book: Love Does
  • Don’t love with words and speech, but with action
  • Love God, Love People, and DO STUFF!
  • What were you made to do? Do a lot of that and you’ll become a leader!
  • Let your calling develop over time! God is setting you up!
  • See people for who they are becoming!
  • What can I quit? Make margin for stuff! When you do, Jesus will do incredible stuff!

Session 7: Mark Burnett 

  • You don’t have to be a pastor to make a difference, you can make a difference where you’re at!
  • NO = Next Opportunity
  • The Bible series was a calling… when Jesus calls you, it’s time to get your a** off the couch and do something!
  • Stop apologizing, stop playing defense, start playing offense.
  • Chose your companions before you chose your road!
  • You have between this day and your last day to do something great for God!

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