2016 Global Leadership Summit Day Two Recap

Every year, I have the privilege to attend the Global Leadership Summit Simulcast at Orchard Hill Church. It’s always one of the highlights of my year. Below, I’ve recapped my highlights from the second day of the conference. It did not disappoint! I hope these thoughts will add value to your life. Enjoy!


Session 1: Chris McChesney

  • The hardest thing leaders do is drive a strategy to change the behavior of others
  • Anytime a majority of people behave a particular way, it’s not the people, it’s the leader and the systems
  • Leaders don’t get to blame the people
  • There will always be more good ideas than capacity to execute. -Execution 4:3
  • What are the fewest number of battles necessary to win the war?
  • People can have their say, but they don’t have to get their way
  • Engagement goes up with increased accountability
  • Everybody knows diet and exercise, what people don’t know is calories in and calories burned!
  • There is a big difference between knowing something and knowing the data behind it
  • Get your played to keep score, not the coaches and managers
  • The #1 Factor in Engagement is when people think they are winning
  • Does your team feel like they are playing a winnable game?
  • In the moment urgency always trumps the important

Session 2: Erin Meyer

Session 3: John Maxwell 

  • Everything rises and falls on leadership
  • Are you adding value to people every day or do you want people to add value to you?
  • The line between manipulating people and motivating people is thin.
  • Followers will always ask: Will you intentionally add value to my life?
  • Everything worthwhile is uphill.
  • People have uphill hopes and downhill habits
  • Most people don’t live their lives, they accept them
  • Every day, I:
    • Value people
    • Think of ways to add value to people
    • Look for ways to add value to people
    • Add value to people
    • Encourage others to add value
  • You can’t add value to people unless you value people
  • Are we going to spend our lives connecting with people or correcting people?
  • God values people I don’t like

Session 4: TD Jakes

  • I am on an endless pursuit to discover everything that God put in me
  • You’re not a title
  • Frustration comes from not being challenged
  • You don’t need haters to endorse you to do what God’s called you to do
  • There are more people in the theatre on Friday night than in the phews on Sunday, we need to go out to the world, the Great Commission wasn’t about getting people to come, it was about going!
  • Truly great men surround themselves with great men because they’re secure
  • Life balance – There is something you will miss every day (a family outing, a business opportunity, a chance to spend time with your spouse, etc.) Don’t make a pattern of missing the same thing everyday for a consistent period of time.
  • If something is overwhelming, something needs restructured
  • What will you leave behind to be available for what God’s giving you today?
  • You have to let go of yesterday’s vision for today’s vision!
  • Pain is a gift that draws our attention to things that need our attention
  • What is our strategy to empower the underserved?
  • Be intentional about love, it will be uncomfortable!
  • God’s given you more than what your life shows!
  • Imagine yourself doing things you’ve never done before!

Session 5: Henry Cloud, Bill Hybels, and Shawna

  • Leadership Illusion: You can carry ever increasing amounts of speed and keep your soul line headed in the right direction.
  • If God’s pleased with your leadership, He gives you bigger problems to solve.
  • If it’s lonely at the top, you’re not doing leadership right.

Session 6: Danielle Strickland

  • I’m so grateful that God showed me the difference between spiritual leadership and every day good leadership.
  • Peace= Everything wrong being made right
  • Humility is agreeing with God about who you are
  • True Dependency is agreeing with God about who He is
  • Carve out pockets of dependency on God

Bill Hybels:

  • I believe in leadership because I don’t see a plan B
  • I don’t see a better investment than investing in leaders
  • When God anoints talks, things happen

Session 7: Horst Schulz

  • Excellence is giving people more than what they want
  • Customers want: perfect product, timely, and that you care
  • All guests should be received as thought it were Christ Himself
  • Show people your destination and how it benefits all concerned
  • Tell people how they’ll benefit if they’re excellent
  • Humans aren’t hired for a function, they are hired for the purpose of being a part of a dream
  • Humans cannot related to orders and directions

Session 8: Wilfredo De Je’sus

  • The church shouldn’t drift with culture
  • The church is always at odds with the culture
  • The moment you try to be relevant with the culture, you become irrelevant as the church
  • Evil has prevails because good has been absent
  • The american dream is to have it all, the Kingdom dream is to lose it all

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