What if God Wants You to Be More?

A few months ago, I was meeting with Tim Smith, the Executive Director of the Center of Life in Hazelwood, PA. As we were talking, he was asking me about my life and dreams. Usually, when someone asks me that question, I talk about John Maxwell. John is one of my heroes and I would love be doing something similar to what he is doing in 30-40 years!


As I shared that with Tim, he told me a story that had a profound impact on me.

He said, “I remember being in the exact same place you are. When I was your age, my hero was a Bishop. In fact, the Bishop that I looked up to, everyone looked up to. We all wanted to be the Bishop!”

“One day, I got to meet the Bishop. I was so excited. I told him that I wanted to be like him when I grew up.”

He said that the Bishop looked at him and said, “What if God wants you to be more than a Bishop?”

He had never thought about that before. Being a Bishop was as big as he could dream at that point in his life. However, when the Bishop said that to him, it totally changed his perspective.  It totally changed mine as well.

  • What if God wants me to be more than a John Maxwell?
  • What if God wants me to be more than I can currently dream of?
  • What if God wants me to be something completely different from John Maxwell? After all, I’m me!

My pastor always says to never put a period where God puts a comma. In other words, don’t limit what God can do in your life by defining what you are going to do with your life. Just follow God and let Him do what He wants to do with your life. That’s pretty good advice.

What if God wants you to be more than you’re currently dreaming of?

I have a feeling that He does.

Follow Him.


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