Going Without

A man without self-control is like a city broken into and left without walls. Proverbs 25:28

I know Lent has just come and gone and a lot of people gave up a lot of things for a period of time. It’s a great practice. Personally, I don’t celebrate Lent, but I do celebrate the principle of giving things up for a season of time.

Throughout the year, I’ll notice certain things taking too much control of my life. Some examples in the past have been: Social media, coffee, having constant access to my phone, exercise, the list goes on and on. When I notice something taking too much control over my actions and emotions, I know I need to take a break from it.

It can be a hard thing to go without something for a period of time. For me, I just came back from a blogging and social media break. Going from blogging daily, to not blogging for two weeks was hard on me, but it was great for me!

I would just challenge you with one question today: What do you need to go without for a while?

It’s probably the thing you don’t think you could go without. However, if you’ll learn to have self-control over an area of your life, it won’t control you anymore. You’ll be free! And that my friends, is what going without is all about!



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  1. So true Bubba! When we let go it is so liberating in the end…notice I said end because in the beginning it can be rough!

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