A Lesson from John Maxwell on Enjoying the Journey

The other day, I was listening to a Catalyst Podcast with John Maxwell (Episode 164 – I highly recommend you listen to it) and he talked about something that changed my life.

He said,  “Too often we get focused on destination disease. We think, if we just get to this level of influence, or make this amount of money, or do this, then I’ll be happy. People always say to me John, you must be thrilled with where you are in life now. You have several companies, you’ve raised up millions of leaders, you have money, you’ve written so many books,  etc. . . . you must be so happy. I always respond and say that yes, I am happy. I am thrilled about where I am. I am thrilled about what I am doing and where I am going, but, can I tell you something? I was just as happy when I was just getting started pastoring in my early twenties in a small town of 300 people in Ohio and it was just me and my wife starting the church.

When John shared that, I felt like that freed me to focus on today and not tomorrow. All I can do is do the best I am where I am at. In the lesson he went on to say that if you’re so focused on the destination, you won’t do the job you’re supposed to do where you are right now, which is all we have, and if you don’t do the job you’re supposed to do now, you won’t get to where you want to be tomorrow.

Wow. What an incredible lesson. I hope it encourages you as much as it encouraged me! This was just one more reminder to enjoy where I am on the way to where I am going.

So, how about you?

What are you doing with the opportunity that is in front of you right now?

Are you enjoying the season you are in right now? Are you learning and doing everything you can to be a success?

Are you happy? Or are you waiting to attain happiness somewhere in the future?


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Enjoy the Journey


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