Hard Work

“Work harder on yourself than you do on your job.” -Jim Rohn

The hardest work we’ll ever do is the work of growing ourselves into the people we’re capable of becoming. The work of becoming more than we were yesterday, last week, last month, and last year. The work of becoming confident in who we are. The work of learning our strengths and weaknesses. The work of pursuing our dreams.

Jim Rohn taught us to work harder on ourselves than we do on our jobs. I think that carries over into every area of our lives. If we’ll work hard on growing ourselves in every area of life, every area of lives will turn out better than we could have imagined.

If you’ll work hard at becoming the best spouse we are capable of becoming, you’ll build a great marriage.

If you’ll work hard at becoming the most skilled person you’re capable of becoming, you’ll stand out at work.

If you’ll work hard at becoming a men or women of integrity, you’ll leave a legacy with our lives.

If you’ll work hard at learning as much as we can, you’ll live a life we never dreamed of living.

If you’ll work hard at learning how to handle our finances, you’ll be well off financially.

If you’ll work hard at becoming great leaders, you’ll lead great initiatives.

If we’ll do the hard work of developing ourselves, everything else will take care of itself. We’ll have a better marriage, we’ll get promoted, we’ll achieve our goals, we’ll become the people God wants us to become, and we’ll do everything that God has called us to do.

I like what Zig Ziglar says,“What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals.”

Work hard at developing yourself. It’s the hardest, but most fulfilling work you’ll do in your life time.

What areas of your life do you need to work on?

What areas of your life would you like to grow in?

What are some steps you could take to grow to another level in those areas?


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