Have You Been Challenged Lately?

“The big challenge is to become all that you have the possibility of becoming. You cannot believe what it does to the human spirit to maximize your human potential and stretch yourself to the limit.” -Jim Rohn

I recently read that John Maxwell would make it mandatory for his staff members to change jobs and get new responsibilities every three years, so they would never have time to become comfortable where they are at, and they would always be growing. That really stuck with me. I never want to become stagnant. I never want to coast. I want to become all I am capable of becoming in my lifetime. Don’t you?

Although I am only 26 years old, I have noticed that is so easy for people to get comfortable where they are in life and never strive to go to another level, never strive to get better, never learn any new skills, never risk, never pursue new opportunities, and never develop personally. It’s sad. I know because I have been there. I’ve let myself stay in places too long. I allowed myself to go through seasons of life where I didn’t grow at all. I’m determined to not let that happen again!

I’ve found that we avoid new opportunities for growth and stay where we’re at because:

  • We’re afraid to try new things
  • We like the security of where we are at (we know we can handle it)
  • We’re afraid of failure, we don’t think we’re capable.
  • We like the way our life is now
  • People have told us we couldn’t, shouldn’t, wouldn’t…
  • We think we’re doing better than we are

All of these are excuses that hold people back from being challenged and developing to their full potential. The question you need to ask in spite of these excuses is, “Why wouldn’t I want to become everything that I am capable of becoming? Why wouldn’t I want to go to another level?

If we’re going to reach our full potential, then we will always need to make sure we’re being challenged & stretched. With this in mind, ask yourself the following questions about every area of your life (i.e. marriage, finances, career, walk with God, etc.):

  • When was the last time I was challenged to grow?
  • Do I feel comfortable where I’m at or am I growing?
  • When was the last time I tried something for the first time?
  • What new skills have I learned in the past 12 months?
  • What is holding me back from going to another level?
  • What can I do to go to another level? Do I need to look for more responsibility at work? Do I need a new job?

Of course, God plays into this equation. If God has called you somewhere, then until He leads you to go somewhere else, you should stay, but asking yourself these questions will help you process what God is leading you to do.

If you haven’t been challenged lately, perhaps it’s time you intentionally challenge yourself to go to another level, and be willing to do whatever it takes to get there.




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