He Will Raise You Up

And He raised us up together with Him and made us sit down together, giving us joint seating with Him in Christ Jesus. -Ephesians 2:6

You Raise Me Up by Josh Groban is one of my favorite songs to listen to when I’m spending time with God. It helps me remember the faithfulness of God in my life. God has raised me up out of some of the darkest times of my life:

  • He raised me up from a student addicted drugs, tobacco, and alcohol, to someone who is free from addiction.
  • He raised me up from having no purpose in life to living a life of purpose daily!
  • He raised me up from graduating high school with a 1.6 GPA to a college graduate with a 3.2 GPA!
  • He raised me up from never thinking he could date a descent girl to giving me an unbelievable woman of God!
  • He raised me up from a life of worry, insecurity, and anxiety to a life of security & confidence.

I could go on and on. When I was going through these issues in my life, I thought I’d never make it through to the other side, but God raised me up out of each of them, every time.

Now when I go through something, I just remember the faithfulness of God. That He HAS raised me up out of anything I may face.

I encourage you to look back on your life. What has God raised you up out of? Thank Him for what He’s done and grab hold of the truth that no matter what you’re facing today, no matter how difficult or hard it may seem, God will raise you up out of it.

He was faithful in the past, He’ll be faithful in the present, and He’ll be faithful in the future.

Trust Him. He Will Raise You Up!


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