Help Japan

“It’s not fair that we can sit and watch the evening news from the comfort of our living rooms and pity those who lived where the storm hit or where the ground shook or where the water rose, and simply feel sorry for them and then change the channel and get on with supper.” -Joel Houston

I can’t even imagine what it is like for those living in Japan. Some people have lost everything. Some people don’t know if their families are still alive or not. Thousands have died and thousands more are missing.

All I can do is keep asking myself, what if I lived in Japan?

What would I be feeling? How would I want to be helped? What would I need? What would be important in life?

I know it can be so easy to see so much suffering and think that you can’t do anything to make a difference. That is a lie. I encourage you to watch the video above, read the suggestions below, and ask God how He wants you to help.

Here are a few ways we can all make a difference:

Pray – Pray for the people of Japan. Pray for the survivors. Pray that the church will be the church and make a difference in Japan for God. Pray about how God wants you to help.

Raise Awareness – Share ministries that people can give to on Facebook, Twitter, and your blog. Tell people about it. Ask your pastor what your church is going to do? See if there is anything your business can do.

Give – Two ministries I have found that will help a lot are: World Vision and Churches Helping Churches

Do for One, What You Wish You Could do For All – I heard Andy Stanley teach on this statement recently. It helped me so much. I wish I could help everyone in Japan, but perhaps through my giving and raising awareness, I can help a few. If we all help one or a few, we’ll help all of Japan.

Go – Maybe you have an opportunity to go to Japan and help hands on. If the opportunity is there, do it.

What are some other ways we can help? What are some other organizations that we could give to? I’d love to hear what you guys are doing or ministries you’re giving to.



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