High Five and a Smile

I was at a leadership breakfast a few months back and the speaker taught on a principle that he tries to teach student athletes at Pitt. The principle is simple, “High Five and a Smile”.

He challenges them, “What if you starting giving high fives and a smile to people you meet?”

He said, “If you do, I bet people will treat you better, you’ll get better service, you’ll make more friends, and your life will get better!”

I never really thought about it, but high fives and smiles make huge impressions on the people when you greet them. Enthusiasm is contagious! Everybody wants to be around people that are enthusiastic and have good attitudes.

By nature, I’m a high fiver, it comes natural, but I know for a lot of you, it doesn’t. In which case, I want to challenge you to give high fives and a smile to everyone you meet this week. I promise you, you’ll find people becoming naturally drawn to you, you’ll get better service, and you’ll help lift other people’s attitudes. All by simply giving a high five and a smile! 

Now don’t get me wrong, don’t make it awkward, but there is a way to do it and make the person you’re meeting feel great.

This video on high five etiquette may help you:





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