Holiday Vacation Recap

Well . . . yesterday it was back to work! I’m very excited for Revolution in 2009! It was so nice having the last week and a half off of work though – time to get away, refocus, re-dream, relax, and hang out a lot! Here are some highlights from my break:

  • Read 4 books (Wide Awake, Keys to Financial Prosperity, The Alchemist, and Next Generation Leader)
  • Saw 4 movies (Seven Pounds 2x, Valkyrie, and Marlie and Me)
  • Ran 32 miles
  • Hosted a New Years Eve Party
  • Finished my Year End Review
  • Hung out with a ton of my friends
  • Finished Planning 2009 – Calendar, Goals, etc.
  • Listened to Keith Moore’s series on Diligence
  • Had breakfast with my dad
  • Took down my Christmas Decs

Overall it was an amazing vacation – now it’s time to get to work!!!

What was your biggest highlight of your holiday break?


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