Honoring My Dad

The man of integrity walks securely, but he who takes crooked paths will be found out. ~Proverbs 10:9

Yesterday was my dads birthday. We celebrated. I love my dad so much! A few weeks ago, he was able to come out to my last service at Revolution and I had the opportunity to honor him in front of everyone there. It was a moment I’ll never forget, because I don’t always take advantage of opportunities to show my dad how much I love and appreciate him.

I thought I’d share a few things on the blog to honor him.

Why I Love My Dad:

I got my love of life from my mom, but I got my love for People from my Dad – My dad is the kind of guy who will do anything for anyone. He loves serving people. He is the most selfless person I know. He leads by example when it comes to giving ones life away for others.

He Has Incredible Strength – My dad was an alcoholic for a large part of his life. Without going into details, it caused a lot of problems in his life and his relationships with others. In 1985 he quit drinking. That was the year I was born. He’s been clean for going on 26 years now. Had he not made that decision, my life would be a lot different that it is today.

He is a Man of Integrity – My dad always taught me to tell the truth no matter what (though I didn’t always listen), to never steal, never take advantage of anyone. That means more to me now than I can put into words.

He Did Whatever it Took to Support His Family – If we ever lacked as a family, my sister and I never knew it. My dad worked weeks and weekends to support us. I never realized the sacrifices he made until I started to grow up, he sacrificed a lot so we could have great lives!

He’s Simple! – My dad has a very simple outlook on life. He doesn’t take himself too seriously, he has fun, and lives a simple life. I admire that about him.

He Did the Best He Could – My dad isn’t a perfect parent. There are none of those. But my dad did the best he knew how to raising us. I’ll always be thankful for our upbringing.

I’d encourage you to honor your parents. The reality is that you never know when they could be gone for good. I love my mom when I was 17 years old and I wish I could honor her in front of people now for the impact she had in my life, but I no longer have that opportunity.

Honor your parents today. Honor them in front of others. Thank them often. Let them know you love them.


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  1. What a great tribute to your father. I feel the same way about my Dad. I can’t imagine my teenagers coming to that realization by the time they are 26. I keep praying. 🙂

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