How to be Miserable and Never Have any Great Opportunities

It is pleasant to see dreams come true,but fools refuse to turn from evil to attain them. -Proverbs 13:19

I’ve been talking about gifts and how when developed they’ll open doors for you. Today I want to focus on why most people never get the opportunities they want in life. Here are a few reasons:

  • Pursuing Money Instead Your Passion – I’d say this makes up 90% of America. College students graduate looking for the $ and pursue dreams that aren’t in their hearts. They pursue them until their 40 and realize they’ve wasted half their lives and they got the money and the money didn’t make them happy. Get good at what you’re passionate about and the money will come.
  • Trying to Develop in Areas¬† that You’re Not Gifted In – If you asked 10 people if you were a gifted singer and 9 of the 10 said no, I don’t care how good you think you are and might become – give it up and find something that you love and that is obvious to others that you’re good at it.
  • Being More Focused on Being Discovered Rather Than Being Developed – So many people will do anything to be discovered and are never willing to pay the price that it costs to be developed. Only people who are willing to be developed will be discovered. Leaders won’t waste their time on people who only want to be discovered. Get over yourself!

These are 3 big ways to become miserable and never have any great doors open for you… Can you think of any others?


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