How to Determine How Your Life Will Work Out

“Your personal philosophy is the greatest determining factor in how your life works out.” ~Jim Rohn 

Jim’s definition of philosophy is, “The sum total of all that you know and what you decide is valuable.” Your philosophy affects every area of your life. It effects how you view your past, how you view your current circumstances, how you view your future, who you’ll date, who you will marry, how much money you will make, how much confidence you have, how nice of a house you’ll live in, etc.

My question for you is: How is your personal philosophy working out for you so far? 

Do you like where you are in life? Do you have great relationships? Are you making enough money? Are you doing what you love? Are you growing? Are you headed somewhere worth going?

Look around at the people closest to you. Odds are you have similar life philosophies. Who are the people you look up to? All of these things impact the way our lives will play out.

Our personal philosophies have been shaped by everything that has influenced us in life. Teachers, family members, pastors, books, music, the culture, and anything that we have allowed ourselves to be influenced by.

Our philosophies are being shaped and developed daily. The big question is, who and what are you allowing to shape yours? If you would have asked me 9 years ago, what I was allowing to shape mine, I would have told you, music, my friends, and the entire drugs and alcohol culture. I was headed nowhere, I was depressed, and miserable.

Then I started recognizing the importance of building a personal philosophy that would lead me to a successful life. Today, I allow God’s Word, the Bible, to be the number one influence on my personal philosophy. Second, I am constantly reading books and listening to podcasts about God, success, business, and leadership to help develop my personal philosophy. The more I allow these things to develop me philosophy, the happier and more successful I find myself to be.

If you don’t like where you are in life or the direction your headed in life, it can turn around by simply changing your personal philosophy. Jim Rohnsaid, “Only human beings can reorder their lives any day they choose by refining their philosophy.”

What has and is currently shaping your view on: God, family, making money, your career, your friends, and your values? What influences do you need to cut off from your life? What influences do you need to start putting into your life?

Change your philosophy = Change The Outcome of Your Life Forever



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