How to Not Get Overwhelmed by Your Goals

Someone recently asked me how to not get overwhelmed by your goals. I thought it was an interesting question. Dreaming and setting goals is the fun, but making them happen can be difficult. If we’re not careful, our dreams and goals can overwhelm us, cause us to become paralyzed, and ultimately cause us to give up on the goals and dreams we were so excited about when we set them.

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How do you not get overwhelmed by your goals? Personally, I split my goals into two categories:

Goals that Require the Same Steps Every Day – I think you’d be surprised by how many of your goals would fit into this category. In order to achieve these goals, you simply need to identify the behaviors and steps that you need to take every day. For example:

  • If I am going to hit my fundraising goal, I know that everyday I need to make X # of calls, schedule X number of meetings, make X amount of asks, etc.
  • If I am going to get in the best shape of my life, I know that every day I need to workout, I need to track what I am eating, and I need to get enough rest.

With these goals, you just need to identify the 2-5 behaviors you need to execute every day. Once you identify them, just do them and you’ll hit your goal.

Goals that Require Different Steps Every Day – In order to achieve goals that require you to take different steps every day, you will need to reverse engineer your goals. Reverse engineering is simply taking your goal and figuring out what every single action step you must take in order to achieve that goal.

Once you’ve reverse engineered your goal, you will have an entire to-do list for that goal. Once you have your list, you need to schedule X number hours a week of execution time for that goal. In those hours, work your list.

In my experience, most people who get overwhelmed by their goals don’t have a good plan to actually achieve their goals. I believe if you’ll take your goals, split them into these two categories, and take the time necessary to plan out the steps you must take every day, you’ll find yourself getting less and less overwhelmed by your goals.

Action Steps:

  • Look through your goals
  • Split them into the two categories I mentioned
  • Determine what steps you must take every day to hit your goals
  • Reverse engineer the goals that require different steps each week
  • Take the list of steps you’ve come up with and execute

If you’ll follow this simple plan, instead of being overwhelmed by your goals, you’ll find yourself owning them!

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