How to Revolutionize Your School

7And the word of God increased; and the number of the disciples multiplied in Jerusalem greatly… -Acts 6:7

We’re just finishing up our Viva Revolution series here at Revolution and I am getting absolutely stoked for what God is going to do at Rev and in all of our students lives. We’re called to revolutionize the surrounding school districts with the message of God. I thought I’d share some thoughts and ideas on how you as a student, can revolutionize your school:

1.) Get on Fire For God Yourself- You can’t give what you don’t have. Fall in love with God, spend time with Him, get in His Word, come to Rev, find friends who will talk God with you, etc.

2.) Don’t Just Talk, Live It – Anyone can talk a good game, anyone can say they’re a Christian, but are you actually living it? When you say your a Christian, you represent Jesus everywhere you go. If you’re talking it, but not living it, you’ll be considered a hypocrite, and people will run from God.


3.) Be Bold – This is probably the hardest step for students. Being bold and standing up for what you believe, regardless of what comes against you. You’ll have to say no to things that you may want to say yes to, you may be made fun of for not doing what everyone else is doing, or you may not get to go to all the places everyone else does. BUT, I promise you that long term it’s worth it. You’ll establish yourself as a leader, you’ll earn people’s respect (regardless of what they say), and ultimately people will see you living a life that they wish they could. Then comes your opportunity to share your faith with them. BE BOLD! (Joshua 1:9)

4.) Invite Friends to Revolution – One of the best ways to Revolutionize your school is get friends to go to youth group with you. Talk about Rev as much as you can, talk about all the sweet events, act like it’s the best thing going on in Pittsburgh (Cause it is!), then grab your friends and say, “You gotta come!!!” Whatever it takes, get them here!

5.) Respect the School and it’s Policies – This is the most important. You can be doing all these things, but if you’re doing them by breaking school rules and policies, you’re going to Unrevolutionize your school. Remember, your life will speak louder than anything. Live the life, respect the school, and watch God revolutionize your school.

I recently heard of some testimonies from school districts in South Carolina being revolutionized by teenagers from a certain youth group. Teachers were giving testimonies of how their lives were changed as a result of what God was doing in students lives. Entire school districts were and are becoming on fire for God. I believe that is what God has called us to here at Revolution. We can’t do it without you. Your the ones who can and will Revolutionize your schools!

Are you up to the challenge?

What are you going to do with what God’s put in you?

Will your high school be different because you went there?

You are the Revolution


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