I Want to be Famous

Not to us, O Lord, not to us, but to your name goes all the glory… Psalm 115:1

He must become greater and greater, and I must become less and less. -John 3:30

I’ve wanted to be famous before, have you? The thought of having huge crowds show up to listen to what we have to say is exciting stuff!

But, here’s a thought: We are already famous.

Every year you meet more people, gain more influence than you previously had, and become more well-known. You’re already famous to the people you have influence over in your life right now.

The questions we need to be asking are: Why do we want to be more famous? What are we doing with the fame we already have? What are we doing with the power that comes with being influential?

I heard Joyce Meyer say this and it has a tremendous impact on me: “The more people you can help, the more people you can hurt.”

Having influence in people’s lives is a huge responsibility. It takes an incredible amount of Character to be able to handle that responsibility. Think about how many Christians become famous and end up going wild because they couldn’t handle the pressure their influence had brought them.

If you enjoy influencing people, and want to continue to influence more and more people, we always need to remember this to keep our hearts right:

As Christians, we’re to do one thing with our influence and our “fame”: Point people to God. We are to make Jesus really, really big, and ourselves really, really small.

If we’re doing this day in and day out, God will become more and more influential or “famous”, and as we pursue God, we will become more and more established in Him. As a result, God will expand our influence . . . and our character.

If we’ll consistently do this day in and day out, there is no telling how many people we will influence for the Kingdom of God. So stop trying to become famous. Realize you already are famous.

So…What are you doing with the fame you already have?


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