Impartation 2009 Recap

O man! Imparation was amazing! Every year our church has an Impartation conference. The guest speakers this year were Duane Sheriff, Doug Jones, and Keith Moore. All three speakers give away all of their messages for free on their website, and Duane and Keith give away free CD’s for all of their messages. I highly recommend you take advantage of those resources. To hear the messages from the Impartation Conference – Click here.


Usually I’d just go over the highlights of my notes with you, but I don’t have them on me right now, and I’d rather just share the things that stuck with me in my heart. So here you go:

  • “If you never have abundance, how can God use you?” – Keith Moore
  • “It’s not what you have, it’s how you got it.” -Keith Moore
  • “Your prosperity will stop where your preparation ends.” – Keith Moore
  • “Where knowledge stops, faith stops.” – Doug Jones
  • “Once our beliefs are obtained, they must be maintained.” – Doug Jones
  • “Faith comes by hearing and accepting what you hear as truth.” -Doug Jones
  • “If a subject is difficult, you’re not close enough to the truth.” – Doug Jones

Those were some of the highlight statements… I guess if I had to say what I took away and that I’ll apply from the conference it’d be this:

I need to have scriptures for everything I’m believing God for and the more scriptures I have, the better. I need to make my own confessions based on the truths that God has established in MY heart.

God wants me to increase and have abundance so I can be a blessing to everyone around me. It’s God’s will that not one person in our church should lack! Dream big, believe big, sow big, reap big. I need to get used to having an abundance and give all the glory to God.

It was an amazing conference… It would take me all day to write everything that I learned and want to apply… You need to go and listen to the podcasts right now!


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