Interview with Showclix CEO Joshua Dziabiak

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In this episode, I interviewed my friend, Joshua Dziabiak. Josh is the Co-Founder and CEO of Showclix, a full-service online ticketing company! He started his first company, Mediacatch, when he was a teenager and sold it for over a million dollars before he turned 18. Recently, he was named one of’s 30 under 30 America’s Coolest Young Entrepreneurs!

Listen Here:



In this interview, I asked Josh the following questions:

  • Tell us a little bit about yourself, what you do, and what Showclix is all about!
  • What sets Showclix apart from your competitors (i.e. ticketmaster, etc.)
  • How can organizations, non-profits, or even churches benefit from your product?
  • How can people get connected with and help Showclix?
  • Showclix has been voted one of the great places to work for by Pittsburgh Magazine! Can you talk about the culture you have created here and how you created it? What makes it so great?
  • How does Showclix stay on the cutting edge of technology and creativity in a culture where both seem to move so quickly? 
  • What’s next for Showclix (if you’re allowed to tell us)?
  • What have you learned about leadership from your experience at Showclix?
  • What have you learned about building a team?
  • Through your work, you are exposed to a lot of celebrities, what is it like working with them?
  • You started a company as a teenager and sold it for over $1 million dollars before you were 18 years old! What was your first company? What was it like becoming a millionaire at such a young age?
  • What have you learned about money as it relates to your personal life and to business!
  • Can you talk about the process of taking an idea for a business and making it happen?
  • You’re a young leader and have accomplished a lot, do you feel like business leaders treat you differently because of your age? If not now, did they when you started?
  • What has been the most challenging thing in starting and running your own business?
  • What advice do you have for young entrepreneurs who have an idea for a business?
  • In twenty years, where do you see yourself?
  • Who are some of your heroes?
  • Any last pieces of advice for young leaders?


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