iPhone – After 1 Year

I’ve had the iPhone for a year now! This device is almost unbelievable! It’s basically a hand held lap top! Here are some thoughts on the iPhone:

  • It’s Worth It – I switched over to AT&T for the iphone and have no complaints. When thinking over my budget I remember asking my friend Ben Rath what he thought since he had switched already. His reply was, “If I had to cut anything out of my budget, it wouldn’t be the iphone, I’d actually budget so I could get it!” I pay around $92 a month ($45 for the cheapest phone plan, $30 for the Data Package, and $15 for my texting plan). For what you get… it’s well worth the price.
  • My Favorite Thing About It – The Camera! I’m a memory freak and I love having a camera on me at all times. I really like it because it syncs the pictures I take with iPhoto so easily. I also love how you’re able to scroll through picures on the iphone. Having this enables me to take pictures everyday that will help me visually go through my year on an even higher level than just taking pictures at big events! (Now I just want the 3GS so I can video record!)


  • What I Use it For – E-mail, Twitter, Facebook, Calendar, notes, audio recording, ipod (music), tracking my runs, GPS (map), finding restaurants and Starbucks in places I travel to that I’m unfamiliar with, reading my Bible, recording my budget and expenses, buy movie tickets, phone and texting, taking pictures, watching movies, the list could go on and on. (All of these are done through apps by the way).
  • The Downside – Honestly, the downside is how distracting it can be. Having the iPhone can seriously take away from the time I’m spending with people  if I let it. Constantly checking e-mail,  Facebook, Twitter, etc… it is so had to unplug.  I’m now trying to undo the bad habits I’ve developed because of the iPhone… sometimes I just have to leave it in another room or turn it off.

Final Grade: A+++

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