iPhone Apps I Can't Live Without

I love the iPhone! It’s changed everything! With smart phones, we can have a personal assistant, a calorie tracker, a calendar, a to-do list, a scanner, a camera, the internet, a gps, and so much more!

I have posted my favorite apps a few years ago in this post, but since so many new apps have come out since then, I thought I should share the new once I can’t live without, with you!

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My Net Diary – I use this app to track all of my calories, water in take, workouts, supplements, weight, and ultimately my results! It’s worth the $3.99 for the pro version!

Starbucks – I have a Starbucks addiction! My favorite part of the app is you can pay using your iPhone with this app! It’s so awesome! If you’re a Starbucks junkie, download this now!

Evernote Evernote has changed my life. If you don’t know what Evernote is, watch this! It’s enabled me to go paperless! I don’t know how I ever lived without Evernote!

Instagram Instagram was the app of the year in 2011! If you don’t know what it is, it’s basically a social network for photography. It allows you to post photos in a timeline for others to see, like, and comment on. It also gives you the ability to edit your photos with some really cool filters!

Diptic Another photo app. This allows you to make collage of photos! It’s really cool!

Photo 365 If you like making memories, you’ll love this app! It allows you to pick any number of photos and post them daily on a calendar. If you do it daily, you’ll have entire calendars filled with pictures that will allow you go back and see what you did on any given day!

John Maxwell’s App -A free leadership resource app? I’m in! If you like leadership, get this app now!

WazeWaze is a social network GPS! 

Downcast This is one of the greatest apps ever invented! If you listen to a lot of podcasts, buy this app now! It lets you subscribe and stream and endless amount of podcasts. Say goodbye to the days where you had to download a podcast in iTunes and then transfer it to your iPhone or iPod!

Sleep Cycle -I just got this one recently and have been trying it for a week! I like it so far! It’s an alarm clock app that tracks your sleep patterns and wakes you up within 30 minutes of when you set you alarm. It wakes you up based on how deep of a sleep you’re in! Theoretically, when you wake up when you’re not in a deep sleep, you feel refreshed, energized, and ready to go! This app works!

Fooducate -This app is for you fitness nerds! It allows you to scan any food item and then it evaluates how good or bad the item is for you. This app has caused me to stop buying a lot of food I thought was good for me and start buying a lot of food that actually is good for me! You may look like a nerd scanning food in the aisles, but this app can really help you improve your overall health!

Reeder -The best app I’ve found for reading my Google Reader feed!

Mailchimp If you use Mailchimp (an e-mail service) this app is great! It allows you to build your list and view reports without having to go to their website. I love it!

TED If you watch TED talks a lot, this app is for you! If you don’t know what TED is, check it out!

What apps am I missing? What apps do you have that you can’t live without?

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