Is God not Enough?

11 “Is God’s comfort too little for you? Is his gentle word not enough? 12 What has taken away your reason? What has weakened your vision,13 that you turn against God and say all these evil things?           -Job 15:11-13

Do you ever have circumstances come into your life where it feels like even God won’t be able to get you through it? Maybe you’ve been a Christian for a while, and you know what God’s Word says about your situation, but your heart has become hardened.

I read those verses in Job and was blown away! “Is God’s comfort to little for you? Is His gentle Word not enough? What’s taken away your reason? What has weakened your vision to the point where you’re questioning God’s ability to get you through?

Toward the end of the book of Job, God asks him, “Where were you when I created the universe? The Heavens? The earth?”It was this question that finally got Job back on track, back to believing in the goodness of God.

I think sometimes we forget who it is we serve. I know I do. We serve the creator of the universe. Anytime we get our eyes on anything other than the greatness of God, our reason will be taken away and our vision will weaken.

God is always enough.

We just have to make a concious to decision to trust Him with everything in us and not lean to our own understanding. If you find your reasoning being taken away and your vision weakening, you’re not trusting God.

Spend some time in worship and prayer. Thank God for all the good things He’s done in your life. As you press into Him, the hardness in your heart will fade, and God will lift you from your current situation.



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