Jay Passavant and Father Jay Donahue on Leadership [Podcast]

In this episode, Jay Passavant and Father Jay Donahue share their best leadership content. They specifically talk about how Protestants and Catholics can work together to lead to make an impact in their churches, cities, and in the world.

L3 Leadership Podcast Episode #115: Jay Passavant and Father Jay Donahue on Leadership

L3 Leadership Podcast: Jay Passavant and Jay Donahue on Leadership
L3 Leadership Podcast: Jay Passavant and Jay Donahue on Leadership

Jay Passavant’s Bio:

Dr. John (Jay) E. Passavant, III is the Founding Pastor of North Way Christian Community in Wexford, Pennsylvania.
He holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Washington & Lee University and the Master of Divinity and Doctor of Ministry degrees from Fuller Theological Seminary in Pasadena, California, and received an honorary Dr. of Divinity degree from Grove City College in 2010. He was a commissioned officer in the United States Marine Corps.
Pastor Jay was ordained in the United Presbyterian Church in 1974 and served in youth ministry for seven years before starting North Way Christian Community in 1981. North Way is a thriving congregation of nearly 4,000 members in four locations. He has also supported the establishment of hundreds of mission congregations in China, India and South East Asia as Chairman of the Board of the South East Asia Prayer Center (SEAPC).
Throughout his pastoral ministry, Pastor Jay has focused on building strong families through venues such as the nationally broadcast television show “Reality Talks” withDr. Kevin Leman and a weekly radio broadcast that addressed topics from parenting to personal issues.
Pastor Jay has been working with other churches & leaders to establish a fully accredited seminary extension campus of Trinity Evangelical Divinity School in Wexford, PA. He also envisioned a partnership that would address the needs of inner city school children. In 2006, as part of Pastor Jay’s broad vision, North Way partnered with a school district by providing mentors, services, and resources in the East End of the City of Pittsburgh through L.A.M.P., the Learning Assistance and Mentoring Partnership. L.A.M.P. is a collaboration of the Pittsburgh Public Schools,Family Guidance, Inc., and area churches, including North Way Christian Community.
Jay & his lovely wife Carol have been married 45 years and have three married children and 5 grandchildren.

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Father Jay Donahue Bio:

Jay Donahue or as he is called in his Church Father Jay; was born and raised in Pittsburgh. He attended Central Catholic High School and then the University of Virginia. At age 21 he left college to join the seminary and follow the Lord’s loving call as a priest in the Catholic Church. On December 23, 2006 surrounded by many of his family and friends he was ordained a Catholic priest in Rome Italy. His favorite scripture is psalm 23 especially the verse “He leadeth me”.
The Lord lead Jay through a training and ministry experiences to Rome, Italy, Mexico City Mexico, Washington DC, Atlanta Georgia. From 1993 to 2011 a good portion of his ministry and training was as a youth pastor. Now he service as a pastor for SS Simon & Jude Catholic Church in the Greentree area of Pittsburgh and is president and founder of “Renew the I Do” a Marriage ministry. You can not get to know Jay without hearing about how the Lord has graced him with a big family and a passionate desire to connect people to Christ.

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