John Piper Interviews Rick Warren on Doctrine


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  1. This is a very good interview.  Many people misunderstand Rick Warren. This goes far in explaining his positions on theology.  It is wise to get one’s information from the source rather than accepting what others say about him without fact checking first.

  2. I agree. I love Rick Warren. Anyone who doubted whether or not Rick is able to have a “deep” theological discussion, found out they were sadly mistaking when watching this. 

    1. There was no ‘deep theological discussion’ in this interview.  It looked for all the world like John Piper was ‘feeding’ Rick Warren with just the questions he knew he could respond to.  John Piper had condensed Rick Warren’s book to an number of reasonable statements, ignoring all the other Christianised mumbo-jumbo in it, and all the forced verses of Scripture made to fit Rick Warren’s ideas.
      This is very sad, and I have no idea what John Piper is trying to achieve.  No good will come of this.

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