Kingdom Man: Every Man's Destiny – Every Woman's Dream

I recently attended a WORD FM Luncheon that had Pastor Tony Evans come in as the keynote speaker. His message was incredible, you can listen to it here. Tony gave everyone in attendance 2 of his books for free. One of them was Kingdom Man. I love the tag-line of this book: Every Man’s Destiny, Every Woman’s Dream. As a man, if that doesn’t make you want to read this, I don’t know what will!

My big takeaway: The world needs men to become the men God intended them to be. God needs men who will lead their families, lead in their communities, lead in their churches, and lead in their businesses.

This book will give you a great picture of what it is to be a Kingdom man. It will challenge you to step up in a lot of areas. This book should be required reading for all men! If you’re a man, get this book now and start becoming the man God created you to be! Some of my highlights from the book are highlighted below.



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Some Highlights:

  • A kingdom man, is one who visibly demonstrates the comprehensive rule of God underneath the Lordship of Jesus Christ in every area of his life.
  • If you are a man, like it or not, you are a leader by position.
  • When God searches for a man to advance His Kingdom, does He call your name?
  • Roughly70% of all prisoners come from fatherless homes. 80% of all rapists with anger problems come from fatherless homes. 71% of high school dropouts comes from fatherless homes. 63% of all teen suicides ovvue in whome where the father was either abusive or absent.
  • One of the critical elements to advance God’s Kingdom is understanding that as a man, you are responsible for that which falls within the real of influence that God has given you.
  • To be a Kingdom man is every man’s destiny and every woman’s dream because when a Kingdom man rules his realm well, everyone benefits.
  • It’s ok to want greatness. Greatness is maximizing your potential for the glory of God and for the good of others.
  • God is not opposed to greatness. He is opposed to pride.
  • Don’t wait until you become a big shot to do big shot things
  • No matter where you are starting from, where you have come from, what limitations you face or associations you have been birthed or bred into – God can make you great.
  • No one will force you to step up into your calling. It’s your choice.
  • Men, never let the size of your giant determine the size of your God.
  • God never forces you to rule your world or manage the domain He has given you. But He has provided you with everything that is necessary to maximize your own life and everyone else’s life within your sphere of influence.
  • The path to a better world begins with you!
  • God wants to be your friend. But more than that, He demands to be your God.
  • If Satan can destroy the family, he can destroy the expansion of God’s Kingdom rule.
  • There are few problems in our culture today that you cannot trace directly back to the breakdown of the family.
  • Nothing can fill the hole made from the absence of a husband or father.
  • A Kingdom man is to live in such a way that the next generation says, “I want that, I want what you have.”
  • The only way to make our nation whole again is if Kingdom men will work together to create change.

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