If You Really Knew Me…

As soon as you become aware of your own worth and value, suddenly everybody else becomes aware too. Try it! It works like magic! ~KimGarst

“If you really knew me . . . ” Those can be scary words can’t they? So often we were masks or keep others at a far enough distance that they never really get to know the real us. Because in our minds, if people knew the real us, they wouldn’t like us, they wouldn’t respect us, and they definitely wouldn’t love us.

Have you been there? Have you ever arranged your life in such a manner that you never let anyone get to know the real you? Do you constantly live in fear of people finding out something about you that might disappoint them? Do you do keep people at a distance so they cant’ get to know the real you? Do you live your life managing your reputation?

I think we all have done one or more of these things in our lifetime. When it comes to letting people know the real us, we have to choose to live between two different mindsets:

1.) If You Really Knew Me, You Wouldn’t . . . – You wouldn’t like me, respect me, or love me. Most people I know live in this realm. I’ve lived in it more than I would like to admit. Thinking like this doesn’t help you, in fact, it will hurt you. You’ll wear masks, constantly be managing your reputation, constantly be worrying about what people think, and always conforming to what you think others expect out of you. You never let anyone in. You never let anyone get to know the real you!

2.) If You Really Knew Me . . . You’d Like Me! – Keith Moore tells a story about a time someone came up to him after church and said to him, “Keith, I really don’t like you. In fact, I can’t stand you!” Keith response fire me up. He said, “That’s because you don’t know me. If you knew me, you’d like me!”  What a different mindset! What a different way to live! Living with this mentality is one of the most freeing things in the world. You’ll be more confident, make more friends, and more successful.

Learn to value yourself. Learn to love yourself and who God made you. Let people get to know you! The truth is, we’re all messed up! If someone doesn’t like you, it’s probably because they don’t really know you!


Do you tend to say, “If people really knew me they wouldn’t . . .” or “If people really knew me they would . . .?”

Are you comfortable being you? If not, what are some things you can do to start to change the way you view yourself?

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