Labor Day Reflections

I like the whole concept of a weekly reflection post . . . so here it is!

Life is Good – I just had someone bless me with a hat, coffee mug, bumper sticker, and Life is Good book. I am a huge fan of their stuff because I really do love my life and I enjoy every moment I get to live! Life is really good… but really…if I had to tweak it, I would make it say: God is Good! (Anyone want to go into business with me? . . . just a thought)

Ok… so I am officially addicted to Twitter! I believe it is the new Facebook! It is an awesome way to keep up with what is going on in people’s lives (although some think it is stalking) haha… I enjoy following peoples lives in whom I would normally not get to spend a lot of time with. YOU NEED TO GET A TWITTER!!!!

Marathon Update:
Just finished my second week of running an 18 – miler. This Friday I am going to go for my first 20 mile run!! Keep Pastor Larry and I in your prayers as we continue to train for Chicago. (40 days left)

RMU – I started my last semester ever at RMU! I really do believe in higher education, but I also really believe that it is the teachers that make it worth it or not. I’ve had teachers teach on subjects I would have normally hated, but they captured my attention and I ended up loving it. Unfortunately, I’ve had a lot of teachers that I have wasted my time by taking their class. I love this thought:

“Communicators take complex things and make them simple, Educators take simple things and make them complex…in fact if you understand it, they get upset!” – Very True!

That is enough rambling for today… Have a great Labor Day!!


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