Lead Something

“Always be leading something” -Bill Hybels

Monday night I went to watch one of my boys, Matt Emge’s playoff baseball game. One thing really stood out to me about Matt. He is a leader. He set the tone for his team, he encouraged his team, he confronted his team. His team is better because he is on it.

The thing I enjoyed most about Matt is the fact that he is a Jr. in High School and he is taking initiative to lead something.

The best way to learn to lead is to always be leading something. There are no perfect leaders and I believe the best leaders are the best leaders because they’ve taken the initiative to lead wherever they are. They have learned to lead.

I always have to remind myself that I may not be the leader I want to be yet, but I’m a better leader today than I was yesterday, and if I’ll keep leading and learning, one day I’ll be the leader I want to be.

I want to encourage you to make the decision to lead something today. Start a bible study, lead a small group, start a network, head up a ministry, join an organization and strive to become a leader there, ask a leader or boss in your life if there is something you can lead, always lead by example.

You may not lead perfectly, you may make a million mistakes, but the fact remains that you are learning to lead. If you will keep leading something in every stage of your life, eventually you’ll become a great leader.

What are you leading right now? What potential opportunities do you have to lead?





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