Get in the Room Where Decisions are Made

Today, I am blogging about one lessons that I learned at the Jubilee Professional conference. One of the speakers was Michael Lindsay, President of Gordon College. He shared a few principles from his new book, “View from the Top“.

One of the principles he taught was, “To chart the future, you must be in the room.”  He went on to say, “That is why you should aspire to be in positions of leadership. If you want to influence the common good, you have to be in the room where decisions are made.

Nelson Mandela once said, “There is no passion to be found in playing small – in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living.”  I believe way too many of us are living lives less than the ones we are capable of living.


I believe that as Christians, we should be the most influential leaders on the planet. We should be helping shape our families, workplaces, cities, nations, and ultimately the world. However, that can only happen if we are continually in the room where decisions are made.

So, how do we get in the room where decisions are made?

Simple, do everything you can every day to: 

  • Grow to your maximum potential
  • Be teachable
  • Be humble
  • Become self-aware
  • Develop your character
  • Spend time with people who are already in the room! Learn from them!
  • Be led by God
  • Get mentored by leaders who are doing what you’d like to be doing
  • Help your organization be all it can be
  • Add value to your bosses and coworkers
  • Serve your community
  • Network with leaders in your city
  • Show up to places where decisions are being made

If you will do these things on a consistent basis, you will eventually find yourself in the room where decisions are made.

When you do find yourself in that room, remember why you wanted to be in that room in the first place (Click the link to read my post on this topic).

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to be in the room as long as your motives are to influence the common good.


  • What are you doing today to ensure you will be in the room that decisions are made tomorrow?
  • If you are in the room where decisions are made, how are you using your platform to influence the common good?

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