Willow Creek Global Leadership Summit Day 2 Recap

Last week I had the privilege of attending the Willow Creek Association Global Leadership Summit Simulcast at Orchard Hill Church in Pittsburgh. I always like to share my key takeaways from conferences within 24 hours of learning them so that I can have a higher chance of retaining them and hopefully they can help someone. Here are my takeaways from Day 2:


Session 1: Horst Schulze 

  • Go to work to be excellent
  • Being excellent is caring
  • Great Businesses:
    • Keep the customer
    • Get new customers
    • Get as much money as you can from them without losing them
    • Work on efficiencies
  • Customers want 3 things:
    • The product to be defect free
    • Timeliness – be on time
    • People that give you the product to be nice to them
  • Service starts the moment you make contact
  • Service is your product
  • Do you have a bad workforce? You’re the dummy who hired them!
  • We don’t hire, we select
  • No one can claim superiority over another human being
  • Leaders forfeit the right to make an excuse
  • Is the destination beneficial for all concerned? Measure: Would God approve? If not, don’t do it!
  • Set expectations and do not waver for them
  • If you get to complain, you own it

Session 2: Sheila Heen

  • Feedback is all the information available about you
  • Feedback enablers leaders to get the best out of their people and their people to get the best out of their leaders
  • The receiver is in charge of feedback conversations
  • Why do we reject feedback?
    • It was wrong
    • I didn’t respect them
    • I was too stubborn
  • You’ll always be able to find something wrong with feedback, but their may be 10% in it that you need to hear!
  • Before you do anything, figure out what the person giving feedback means and then figure out what you should do with it
  • Other people have information about you that is invisible to you
  • The fastest way to change the feedback culture is for the leaders to take great feedback
  • If you won’t know what to work on as a leader, guess who does? Your team! They have a secret list of things that drive them nuts about you!
  • The better you receive feedback, the better you give it!
  • Best way to get feedback is to ask, “What’s one thing that you appreciate about me? What’s one thing that frustrates you? How do you suggest that I change?
  • People won’t give you feedback until they think you want to know!

Session #4: Brian Houston – Unfortunately, I had to miss this session.

Session #3: Sam Adeyemi

  • The object of leadership for many leaders is their own success, the object of Christ’s leadership was the success of His followers
  • Following you should hold the promise of change for those who follow you
  • People will follow you when they perceive their lives will be better used than what they’re currently doing
  • Don’t pray for your needs, pray for cities, nations, and the world!

Session #4: Liz Wiseman  – Unfortunately, I was unable to attend Liz’s session.

Session #5: Craig Groeschel 

  • There is more in you than you think there is
  • Capacity is what you can handle and produce
  • If you don’t grow, you will be the lid on your organization
  • When your organization starts to struggle, assume that you’re the lid that needs to grow
  • 5 C’s of Expanding Your Capacity
    • 1.) Build Your Confidence
      • Change your self-talk
      • The path way to your greatest potential is to take steps right through your greatest fears
      • You are not who others say you are, you are who God says you are
    • 2.) Expand your Connections
      • Show me who you’re listening to and I’ll show you your future
      • You may be 1 relationship away from changing the course of your destiny
      • The problem with young guys is that they think too small
    • 3.) Improve Your Competence
      • Ask the people around you how you need to grow
    • 4.) Strengthen Your Character
      • Talent can get you to the top, but only character can keep you there
      • Is there something in your private life that could affect your public life?
      • Why would you want to resist something in the future when you could eliminate it today?
      • You are only as strong as your are honest.
    • 5.) Increase Your Commitment
      • There is a huge difference between I kind of want this vs. nothing will stop me from getting this
      • Commitment – We will not stop until we accomplish that
    • Your brain can’t comprehend what God is capable of doing in and through you.
    • How bad you want something determines what you’ll do to get it!

I will be blogging some of my key lessons from the Summit over the next few weeks. It was another fantastic conference! The Summit recently produced an app with a ton of great content from past Summit’s. I would highly encourage you to download it. Check it out here.

Did you attend the Summit? If so, what were some of your key takeaways? Comment below!

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