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Yesterday, I got to go to an event put on by the Passavant Leadership Group, called “Leading Through Change” with Brad Lomenick. Brad leads an organization called “Catalyst” that puts on leadership conferences and events all over the country. was a great half-day event. I have had the privilege of attending some of their events. It is incredible to see the impact these events have on young leaders all over the country.  It was great to hear leadership insights from Brad after all of his experience in leading Catalyst. I’ve included my key takeaways from each session below.

If you’d like to connect with Brad, you can find him here: 

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leading through change


Session 1: Becoming a Change Maker, Leading Now and Leading Well

  • Change is constant
  • Unity isn’t lack of tension, it is pursuing the same mission in the midst of constant tension
  • Leading change will require sacrifice
  • Your presence matters to your team
  • Learn where you and your team are spending sideways energy and stop it!
  • Leaders pass on responsibility and authority, not one or the other
  • Pass things off before you should so you help develop young leaders… Always be thinking, “Who’s next?”
  • Reward risk taking!


Session 2: 7 Keys to Elevating Your Game 

  • Set scary standards for yourself! Excellence starts with you!
  • Lead with competence first!
  • Being Christian isn’t an excuse to make things crappy
  • Lead with the idea that you’re the best in the world
  • Your 20’s establish your 70’s – you’re creating your legacy now
  • Perseverance will define your legacy
  • Authenticity is the new authority… it trumps cool every time
  • Be who YOU are
  • The more successful you become, the less accessible you’ll become… How do people get to you?
  • Authentic leaders are accountable
  • Your greatest threat is a lack of accountability
  • Qualities Brad looks for in those he hires:
    • Grateful leaders
    • Responsible
    • Great finisher
    • Servant
    • Problem solver/Solution Creator
    • Constant learner
    • Shows-up early
    • 1% daily improvement
    • They write things down
    • They have pure motives
    • They are self-aware
    • They anticipate what needs done before others
  • Great team members are vision copycats
  • Be humble, be hungry, and hustle!
  • Don’t stomp on tradition, find ways to honor the past in your organization
  • We are going to be measured by faithfulness. Be faithful with what is in your hand right now!

Session 3: Leadership Trends: Leading Millennial

  • Calling and career look different
  • Calling is you working God’s plan for your life through your strengths, passions, and gifting coming together.
  • Young leaders see projects, not careers as their calling
  • Young leaders will have multiple seasons of vocation that make up their calling
  • If 20 somethings move on, it does not mean you’re a bad leader. Let them know that it’s ok if they leave.
  • Collaboration is in!
  • Churches should be the most collaborative organizations on the planet!
  • Content is a commodity – create experiences! Hit all 5 senses! Provide what online experiences cannot provide!
  • Be a memory maker!
  • Think and act global. Young leaders want to be world changers
  • Social is the new norm! It’s all about community.
  • Young leaders aren’t willing to wait to lead, but they’re also not ready to lead! Be willing to invest and give opportunities for them to grow!
  • Everyone is now a leader! Influence is everywhere!
  • Give young leaders flexibility with their schedule – Flexibility with accountability!
  • Create a family environment for them to serve in
  • Lead each person uniquely.
  • Don’t use them without knowing them!
  • Lead them, don’t manage them!

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