Learning to Lead Episode #6: Luke Skurman

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Past Episodes include interviews with: Mike Steidel (Director of Admission at CMU), Josh Dziabiak (CEO of Showclix), Penny Semaia (Assistant Athletic Director of Student Life at the University of Pittsburgh) , and Chaz Kellem (Manager of Diversity Initiatives with the Pittsburgh Pirates), and Len Petrancosta, former President of Sysco Foods Service. To listen to these podcasts, go to my podcast page.

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June 2012: Episode #6: Luke Skurman




Let’s get to this months interview. This month I interviewed Luke Skurman. Luke is the founder, president, and CEO of College Prowler Inc., a publisher of student-written guides on more than 400 colleges across the country. He oversees investor relations, management, partnerships, product development, and overall strategy for the company. Since its inception College Prowler has grown rapidly creating successful partnerships with companies like AOL, Amazon, Barnes n Nobles, Business Week, Chipolte, PNC, Wells Fargo and many more.

Luke holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration and a master’s degree in public policy and management from Carnegie Mellon University. In July 2008, he was elected to the CMU Board of Trustees as the youngest in its history and now sits on several University committees and advisory boards.

Luke has been named among the top 20 entrepreneurs under 25 (Business Week 2005) and the top 30 entrepreneurs under 30 (Inc. magazine 2006)m and he was a finalist in the Ernst and Young’s regional Entrepreneur of the Year competition in 2010.

If you would like to connect with Luke, you can find him on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or his website.

In this interview, I asked Luke the following:

  •    Tell us about yourself and what College Prowler is all about
  •     Walk us through your leadership and entrepreneurship journey
  •     Is entrepreneurship something you’re born with or something that you can learn?
  •     How do you manage your projects, tasks, and priorities?
  •     Name 1 or 2 people who have made a huge impact on your life!
  •     What is like being around high-level leaders? What have you learned about networking with highly successful people?
  •     Talk to us about your view on pursuing a job for the money verses  pursuing a job that you are passionate about
  •     Being such a young leader, how did you build credibility with older and successful leaders and companies?
  •     Where are you at in 15-20 years?
  •     What advice would you give to young leaders?

I learned a ton from this interview and I can’t encourage you enough to listen to it in its entirety. Get your pen and paper ready! Enjoy!

I would love to hear suggestions on who you would like me to interview as well as what subjects you would like me to teach on monthly! You can send me your suggestions by filling out the form below.

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