Lessons Learned from Moving Out (Part 1)

23“His master replied, ‘Well done, good and faithful servant! You have been faithful with a few things; I will put you in charge of many things. Come and share your master’s happiness!’                     -Matthew 25:23

It’s been 3 months since I’ve moved out on my own. It’s going so fast! I just want to share a few things I’ve been learning since I’ve been “On my own. I don’t know how often I’ll blog about this, but here is part 1.

You don’t find a great life, You build One – When I heard Joe Mcgee say this years ago it changed my life. I think the best part of being on my own is that whatever I become in life now is entirely up to me. “With great power (freedom) comes great responsibility” sums it up pretty well. I’m free to come and go as I choose, have people over as often as I want, I’m free to do anything I want. The best part about this – my values and beliefs are based on God’s Word. I’m building my life on the Word of God and the principles God’s given us to live by – because of this – the life I’m building is going to be unbelievable!

Food is Expensive and Goes Really Fast! – I look at food in such a different light now that I can’t just open my fridge and cupboard and see the endless amounts of food my dad provided for me for free. It makes me appreciate what my dad did to provide for me so much more. When I go to peoples houses and they make dinner for me – I’m more grateful than I’ve ever been. I’m really looking forward to when I’m  able to have a ton of people over and provide feasts for them!

I was not wise in spending my money – I remember when I told my dad I was moving out and I’d be renting. He said, “I think you’re dumb – you could be saving all that money renting by staying at home.” That is a true statement – I could be saving money by living at home, but the question is – Would I be saving money? Nope! Before I moved out I had all the money I wanted to get Starbucks everyday, go everywhere, eat out whenever I wanted, etc..  Since I moved out and actually have to budget my money! In tracking my expenses for the past year and a half I was able to see where I was not being wise in spending money and cut it out of my life (i.e. $60/month at Starbucks). I’m learning to deal with finances wisely, and while I’m paying $X a month in rent, I view that as tuition in the school of handling money wisely. It’s worth it!

God is My Source – It’s easy to believe God is your source when you don’t need money, don’t need healing, don’t need salvation, it’s a lot harder to believe He is your source when you do need those things. That is where faith kicks into gear. Do you really believe God’s Word is true or don’t you? I’ve come to learn that my job isn’t my source, my parents, or anyone or anything else. God is my source and He always provides everything I need and even more so I can be a blessing to others. Being on my own has stretched and grown my faith big time and this is only the beginning!
Those are the big 4 things I’ve learned thus far . . . thoughts?


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  1. Great "lessons" Bubba! It sounds like FPU is the place for you, if you haven't taken it already… it's coming up… talk to P. Matt! BTW, your dad is mathematically correct (not including the Starbucks), but I disagree… these and the remaining lessons to be learned from living on your own will serve you well in marriage!

  2. Thanks for the comment Martha! I've gone through FPU once, I think I'm going to do it again in the summer and upgrade. Yea, I've heard from several people that my future wife will love me a lot more for learning these things now! I'm glad you're serving at Rev now – I'm excited about serving teenagers with you! Have a great night!


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