Life at 26

On Wednesday I turned 26! Life is going way too fast! I thought I’d just share a few reflections from my life at 26!

At 26 My Priorities are Changing – I just got engaged, started a new job, and I am helping plant a church and lead a youth ministry. My priorities must be clear and focused, if  not, I’ll burn out and make everyone around me miserable!

At 26 I’m Becoming More Focused – I am pursuing fewer things, but pursuing those things with more focus.

At 26 I’m Recognizing the Importance of Family – Every year family becomes more and more important to me. Next to God, family is the most important thing in my life. I’m making that a priority.

At 26, I’m More in Love with Laura than I’ve ever Been – We’ve been dating for nearly 10 years, and I love her more than I ever have.

At 26, I’m excited to Lead – I’ve never led at the level I get to lead in my life right now. I get to lead my future spouse, I get to lead a youth ministry, I get to lead 1,000+ volunteers at my new job! I’m excited to learn what it takes to lead at this level so I can go to another one in a few years!

At 26, I’m Trying to Turn it All Over to God – I don’t want it to be 60% Bubba and 40% God. I feel as though I’ve spent most of my twenties trying to pave my own way. I’m done with that. I want it to be all God and none of me!

At 26 I’m Maturing – I’ve heard that maturity is the ability to have a dollar and not spend it, to have something to say and not say it, to want to do something and not to it, and to want something to eat and not eat it! In other words, maturity is the ability to take on responsibility. It’s becoming easier and easier for me to mature as I set priorities.

At 26 I’m Realizing That I Need to Choose the Friendships I want to Fight For – I can’t be close friends with everyone, although I’d love to be. I need to choose which friendships I’m willing to fight for and put everything I can into them.

At 26 I’m Realizing I Can Only Pour into a Few – I can’t spend intimate time investing in everyone I want to. I must become purposeful about who I spend my time and energy investing in, but if I do my job, I’ll invest in those who invest in others!

At 26 a Healthy Life Style is Important – Exercise and Eating right have become extremely important to me.

At 26, The Possibilities are Endless – At 26, I’m dreaming bigger than I’ve ever dreamed. I’m realizing that the entire world is open to me and I can go anywhere and do anything! This is only the beginning!

What are some reflections you’ve had at your current age? What are you learning about life?



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