Life Lessons from Kid President

Laura shared this video with me yesterday and it was so good, I had to share it with you. Take a few minutes to watch this:

Here are the key takeaways from the video. If these lessons don’t fire you up to do something great with your life, I don’t know what will:

The World Needs You, Stop Being Boring – Don’t settle for an ordinary life. Determine that you’re going to become everything you’re capable of becoming and you’re going to do everything you were created to do!

Boring is Easy, Anyone can be Boring – It’s easy to coast through life and never do anything great… You don’t have to overcome any obstacles, push through any fears, or deal with criticism and rejection. How boring is that? If you live that kind of life, one day you look back on your life, and wish you risked more, grew more, and did more.  Choose to live a life of purpose!

Life is not a Game People – “You only get to live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.” You only get to be a teenager once, a college student once, work a career once, have kids once, etc. Make the most of it and don’t take any of it for granted.

If Life is a Game, Aren’t we All on the Same Team? – Don’t be a critic and tear people down. Be an encourager. Lift and inspire the people around you to become everything they are capable of becoming!

It’s Time to Do Something – What are you waiting for to go after what’s in your heart? Get to work!

Take the Road Less Traveled – There is a road less traveled. If you can see it, take it. If you can’t see it, find someone who can, get around them, and find out how you can get on that road.

Take the Path that Leads to Awesome Regardless of the Cost – Living the lives God intended us to live isn’t always easy. There is risk, criticism, tests, trials, and obstacles . . . but it is always worth it.

Get a Better Dream – Don’t settle for a dream that you can conjure up. Get a God-sized dream. A dream that is only possible if God shows up!

Keep Going, Keep Going, and Keep Going – Once you have your dream, determine that no matter what, you’re in it til the end!

What Will The World Miss out on if You Quit? – This is motivation to not quit. If you quit, you’ll never see your dream come to pass. You’ll never see everything that God had planned for you and do everything He had planned for you to do. You have no idea what God has planned for your life, but I can promise you it’s more than you can dare ask for, think, hope for, or imagine, but you’ll never find that out if you quit.

What will you create to make the world awesome? Nothing if You Keep Sitting There! – When you do what God calls you to do, the world becomes a better place. An awesome place. Stop sitting around and do something!

We can make everyday better for each other – Find a way to make someone’s life better every single day you’re on the planet. It’ll change your life.

We Got Work To do, We Can Cry about it or Dance About It – What’s it going to take to make the world awesome? Hard work! But, when you’re doing what you love and what you’re doing is making a difference in the world, work no longer seems like work.

We Were Made to be Awesome – God created you for a purpose. It’s to be awesome and advance His Kingdom. If you’ll take care of your part and put God and His Kingdom first, God will take care of His part and take care of you.

It’s Everybody’s Duty to Give the World a Reason to Dance, so Get to It – What are you waiting for?

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