Who Are You Doing Life With?

When it comes to personal growth,  I read a lot of books and articles, I listen to a lot of sermons and leadership lessons, and even spend time interviewing great leaders. However, the greatest catalyst to my growth has been doing life with people I admire.

Pastor Larry Bettencourt and Mike Steidel have been two of the most influential people in my life. They have taught me a lot of lessons, but so much of what I have learned from them has been through seeing them live out the lessons they teach. They allow me to do life with them. They invite me into their homes, on trips, to family parties, to leadership conferences, to ministry opportunities, and more.

I get to witness first hand how they walk out their relationships with God, treat their spouses, raise their kids, use their spare time, invest in people, manage their household, counsel people, serve their communities, live out their values, and so much more.

When people you admire allow you to do life with you, it’s a great privilege. It’s an opportunity to become someone you could never become without their influence.

Here’s a fact, in the future you will become the people you do life with. Are the people you are doing life with helping you become the best that you can be? If not, perhaps you should reevaluate who you’re doing life with.

  • Who are 2-3 people you look up to that you could ask to spend time with? Write their names down and call them and ask them to coffee!

If you’ve had the privilege of doing life with great people, you have a responsibility to allow others to do life with you.

  • Who are 4-5 people you allow to do life with you on a consistent basis?
  • Write down their names and look at your calendar and start finding ways for them to do life with you!

Who are you doing life with? More importantly, who are you allowing to do life with you?


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